Top 7 New Year's Resolutions of 2019!

Okay so its 2019. New year new me, right? WRONG and right.

Imagine what your New Year's Resolution would say to you?!

The top 7 New Year's Resolutions are the same sh*t different year. Here's a little insight to what others have on their resolution list with our comments so that you know... you don't feel like you're the only one. ;) 


1. Diet or Eat Healthier

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... and i repeat, NOTHING wrong with wanting to DIET. Treat your body like a temple. Those haters out there who make fun of what you do or don't consume, just ignore them. They're jealous that you're doing something about yourself and they're not!

So you do you, fam. Go on that diet. Skip that plate of rice. Eat those greens! BUT! Make sure its a well-balanced diet.

Below are the top 3 diets in Malaysia that you may want to adopt:

Top 3 Diets in Malaysia:
- Tie: DASH and Mediterranean Diets
- Flexitarian
- Weight Watchers


2. Exercise More

The average cost of a monthly gym membership is RM145 (Source) and that sometimes will put you off from exercising altogether! We're gonna give you a few Youtube Channels that will help kick off your fitness level this 2019.

These websites listed has a beginner and advanced videos for you to follow! Best part is...



3. Lose Weight

The one way you'll lose weight is to be mindful of what you consume and how you keep yourself active every day. Don't tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow or later. Why not now? Why not get up now and do those 5 pushups, go for that 10-minute run? Why not eat half the portion of rice at night because you won't need it later as you'll be sleeping! Be mindful, folks.


4. Save More and Spend Less

Okay. We're Asian, this is it. Saving money should be in our blood. It should be 2nd after breathing. We hear our moms nag us till our ears bleed and we STILL can't seem to save up!

"Why don't you save money ah, ah boy/ ah girl? Must save up for your future, you know..."

This 2019, the trend that everyone seems to be jumping on board is Decluttering or Minimalist.

By decluttering your life spaces, you will know exactly what you have and understand that you don't really need those discounted pairs of shoes from Nike or that new jacket from UNIQLO because what you have still works and it still brings you joy! Okay I've been watching too much Marie Kondo

A few tips to save up:

Money jar method
Save a note that you rarely recieve (RM5/RM20)
Put it in a jar and do not take it out ever. Yes, EVER. Trust us.
Count your savings by the end of the year!

Thank you, NEXT!


5. Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Pick something and stick to it. Practice 10 minutes before you sleep. Honestly, I myself have picked up a multitude of hobbies and stopped. Let me name a few: painting, puzzle making, playing the guitar, Gundam modelling kits, flying drones, photography, video editing... wow. Okay, this resolution should be on my list again this year! Haha

To the 9 things I've failed, I did succeed in one thing: I can now kick someone in the butt because I've been taking self-defense classes. :) I'm really proud of myself for that!


6. Quit Smoking

With the recent ban of smoking in Malaysian eateries and other public shared spaces, maybe this year is the year to actually cut down on smoking to accomplish your goals!

Quit smoking tips!

a) Perhaps begin slowly with e-cigarettes
b) Then slowly using nicotine gum, nicotine patches
c) Gradually avoid anything nicotine by chewing on normal chewing gum and maybe visit the sauna
c) And then completely quit!

Imagine the pride you'd feel once you accomplish that this year. :)


7. Read More

Let's be honest, it's quite difficult to quiet your mind to stay focused to read books. By quieting your mind, we mean ignoring your phone or social media. Yes, ever since the mushroom invasion of social media into our lives, we have definitely slowed down on the books. But... I have GREAT NEWS, there's a button on the phone that SILENCES your phone completely!

This will give you the peace you need to read your book, at least a chapter a day. :)

Oh, if you're awake at 3am and want a nice place to read books besides your home, you can go to Book Xcess at Cyberjaya as they are Open 24/7, parking is FREE and have comfortable reading spaces, air conditioners and friendly staff!


Well, there you have it.

It's not how fast you accomplish them, but be mindful of each and every choice you make so that your goals this 2019 is ticked off the list!

Honestly, you can accomplish any resolution if you could just stop binging on Netflix and actually get up and do it. We at YouthUnited believe you can!

PS: We aren't promoting any of these sites. Just helping you guys! ;)

Stay kind, folks.


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