6 Things You SHOULD Do When All You Wanna Do Is Sleep

Ever felt like your eyes closing ever so slowly? At first you see the world and all its beauty, then next thing you know you just see darkness. Like how your future will be if you slept in class or work. We’re here to save your day! Lai, read this.


  1. Wash face

    For a quick wake-me-up, a splash of cold water on your face should do the trick. Maybe 3 or 4 splashes for maximum effect. For the chronic sleepers, continue reading.


  1. Stand up, get up!

    Stand up and stretch. Do your work standing. Who cares lah if people watch you and think you’re weird. They already think you’re weird. So just stand up for about 5 minutes to get that blood flowing. Get that brain awakening.

    Bonus: Do some squats for extra stay awake power.


  1. Coffee


    Ah… every sleep deprived person’s best friend. A delicious cup of hot (or cold) coffee. Only downside is that you will pee a lot lor. So, remember to drink water in between those glorious cups of energy to keep your body hydrated!


  1. Go for a walk


    Let’s be honest. We know you don’t exercise… much. So at least, at LEAST go for a walk to keep yourself awake. Step out of your class or office for 5 minute and go for a stroll. This will clear your head, make you feel relaxed and ready to get back into the trenches. Try it. Money back guarantee.


  1. Snack


    When we say snack, it doesn’t mean snack on junk food and soft drinks ya. It means, select foods that will boost your mental awake-ness. Try snacking on chocolate (the darker the better), fruits, drink green tea and if you can go a bit atas, snack on walnuts.


  1. Text a friend

    Chatting sparingly with someone can trigger your brain to pay attention and stay focussed. It will keep you awake, possibly more effective than coffee. Also, tiny breaks from the task at hand is beneficial for you than lingering on the same monotonous task and “accidentally” falling asleep.

    Disclaimer: Only do this IF you are SURE you wont get fired from your job or kicked out of class.


So, get out there and stay awake! If you like this post and want more, share, like, comment or whatever lah. Don't share also nevermind (...so selfish).


Have a nice day, guys. Be kind, always.


Sarah K.