Frequently ask questions

  1. What is Youth United

    Youth United is a platform envisioned to engage, inspire, and celebrate Malaysian youths who are studying in Malaysian educational institutions nationwide. Our mission is to be an online platform showcasing skills of talented youths and ways to unleash their awesome potential.

    We hope to bridge together the enormous network of clubs, societies, faculties, student bodies and student unions nationwide by providing a platform to source and publicize recent events and happenings by said organizations.

  2. What functions are available on Youth United?

    • You can earn pocket money working with our job listings!
    • You can also win some awesome prizes through our contests!
    • You can publish your event/happenings of your awesome clubs, societies and campus!
    • You can apply for event sponsorship on our form!
    • You can be featured as Yuffie Of The Week!
    • You can be part of our Youth Cares foundation to help others.
    • You can voice out your concern on YouthVoice!
    • You can read the hot news and stories on YouthZine!
    • You can apply for tutelage under YouthSifu!
  3. What is YouthVoice?

    YouthVoice is a platform dedicated for students, to voice out their concerns, opinions and ideas on college/university-related issues. You can submit your content too! You can post it on your personal social media account, with the hashtag #JomSpeakUp. Don’t see it on the page? Don’t fret! You can submit the link/video to us in the “Submit YouthVoice Content” form under the Form Section. The main thing is it’s gotta have the hashtag #JomSpeakUp.

  4. What is Youth Zine?

    YouthZine is a hot news and story platform where we source content from mainstream and alternative news source, that are fun to read. The content is sharable and you will gain more points for sharing the content! YouthZine content can be submitted by you too. Just fill in the “Submit YouthZine Content” form under the Form Section.

  5. What is Yuffie Of The Week?

    Every week we will interview stellar, individual students. After all, our mission is to be an online platform showcasing skills of talented youths and ways to unleash their awesome potential. Interested in earning the title? Just fill in the “Submit Yuffie Of The Week” application form. If you have that extra talent or skill, we would love to find out more and interview you!

  6. What is YouthSifu?

    From time to time, we would like to take some eager students and run workshops, talks or seminars, conducted by industry professionals, to pass on some tips and train you. On what topic? It depends on what you would be interested in learning! Just fill in the “Submit YouthSifu” application form and we will get back to you.

  7. What are events?

    The event listings covers all events and campus happenings from all higher educational institutes in Malaysia. Find out if there’s a chess completion, debate rounds or a badminton tournament to enter! You can also submit your events for your clubs in the “Submit Event Listing” application form, free of charge, and we will update it for you.

  8. What are influence points?

    Every time you share an article, you will gain X amount of influence points. The more you share, the more points you will get. From time to time, we will run special campaigns and/or redemption days where you can redeem your points for specific items. Your influence points will also give you that extra edge over other YouthUniters.