About Us

Youth United is a platform envisioned to engage, inspire, and celebrate Malaysian youths who are studying in Malaysian educational institutions nationwide. We believe in Malaysian youths and the variety of skills and talents, whether leashed or unleashed within them. With the help of Malaysian youths, we hope to provide resources for them to embrace their awesomeness and ways to get them noticed. We hope to bridge together the enormous network of clubs, societies, faculties, student bodies and student unions nationwide.

Our mission is to be an online platform showcasing skills of talented youths and ways to unleash their awesome potential.

Our six values

  • We celebrate the talents, creativity and skills of all youths as an individual and as a whole
  • We dare youths to rise above the mundane and embrace their potential
  • We encourage youths to be more active in activities and socializing amongst their peers
  • We advocate youth-related events and provide tutelage for that extra zing to their event
  • We believe that youths should enjoy their youth-era as much as possible
  • We provide opportunities for youths to shine