Cheap & Lazy Malaysian Halloween Costumes 2018

Want last minute Halloween ideas? Lazy to think or to go out and buy? Read on!
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CHEAP & LAZY Last Minute Malaysian Halloween Costumes


Zombie (student)

After studying so much for your exams, you really become a zombie. All you need is yourself! Dark eye circles & messy hair are already on you. If they're not, face paint/mascara will do the trick.

Things you'll need: Yourself, mascara, black face paint.


Bubble Tea

Dress as your favourite boba this Halloween!

Things you'll need: Beige shirt, black plastic bag, cardboard paper.



Super easy outfit that everyone is familiar with! Cut 3 holes in the plastic bag for your head and arms, wear it over a black shirt (preferably) and wear yellow strings on your neck and wrists for extra effect. 

Things you'll need: Blue garbage bag (XL size), yellow string
Optional: IKEA reusable bag (as handbag for ladies)


Hantu Pocong 

A play on words, Hantu Pocong is a folklore in which the ghost jumps. So we punned it and made it into a jumping Puchong sign. Because Pocong... Puchong... sounds the same kan?

Things you'll need: Printed map of Puchong, raffia string, amazing jumping skills. 

Hungry Ghost

Literally a hungry ghost.

Things you'll need: Curtain, snacks.


Orang Minyak

Orang Minyak is a supernatural creature coated with shiny black grease. However this Orang Minyak is just... berminyak (oily).

Things you'll need: Oil blotter, an oily face.


50 Shades of Grey

Based on the popular book/movie, we bring you literally 50 Shades of Grey.

Things you'll need: A grey hoodie, Nippon colour code (Grey)


Black Panther

Wakanda forever! Dress as the Black Panther to show you did some effort.

Things you'll need: Printed mask of Black Panther, black long sleeved shirt, black pants, crossed arms.


Nasi Lemak

Dress as Malaysia's national food!

Things you'll need: Body fat, a tupperware of uncooked rice, a green shawl/shirt (pandan leaf)


Cotton Candy

Look like your favourite dessert and stun people with your creativity. It's cotton and candy on your shirt (preferable black).

Things you'll need: Balls of cotton, sweets, tape.



A-Polo. A play on words where you're an A-Polo while eating an Apollo cake.

Things you'll need: Printed letter 'A', Polo T-shirt, Apollo cake.



Doesn't matter if its satay from Kajang or Kuala Lumpur. This will leave your friends guessing all night due to its simplicity. You'll need to be hunching your shoulders for most of the night, so be prepared for a few neck cramps.

Things you'll need: Mop stick, brown shirt, ability to hunch.


Limau Ais

A play on words, Limau 'Eyes' where you put lime on your eyes. 
Warning: Try with incredible caution. 

Things you'll need: Lime


Old Newspaper Man

Look old yet current with our Old Newspaper Man. Wear an outfit of old newspapers and sprinkle some baby powser on your hair for the 'old man' look. Also works on women - Old Newspaper Woman.

Things you'll need: Newspaper, tape, baby powder


Hope this helps you with your last minute costume ideas!


Just a little disclaimer: We are not responsible for any persons getting hurt from our ideas but 90% of them should be harmless are bound to stun your friends and family.



-Sarah K.