Campus Mania, Event of the year!! On your campus… In August..

Campus Mania is the premier student deals roadshows bringing all the great deals around to the students from all different campuses. Our previous brands include HP, Jayacom, Libresse, Nestle Nestum, Silky Girl, Caring Pharmacy and many more.

But this time the current brands that has joined us are Bausch + Lomb, EIG (Clinelle, Physicians Formula, Nurish Organiq), Super (Super Noodles, Essenso, Want-Want), Shopee, Mamee and Celcom. 

Our roadshows are for 2 days at the top 15 campuses in Klang Valley, why should you come to Campus Mania you ask? 2 very simple reasons.

  1. SH!T LOTS OF FREE STUFFS – Free cotton candy, free snacks, free coffee, free photo print, free skin care products and free everything lahhh!
  2. Crazy great student deals only for YOU! – Come onnn, where else can you find instant noodles for RM1?!?!? 

In today’s article, we’ll be talking about Super’s products which will be promoted at Campus Mania, which are Essenso, Super Noodles & Want-Want

First, we’ll be talking about coffee. That’s right! That’s Essenso MicroGround Coffee! Essenso is a three-in-one coffee blend. It is the first of its kind in the Asian region as it had 100% premium quality Arabica coffee beans. During this time’s Campus Mania event, they are having promotions such as Buy 1 @ RM5 while normal price was RM 6.80. The booths will appear in total of 16 Campus Mania locations and free coffee will be given our from their Essenso booth for anyone who would like to try it out before purchasing it.

The three-in-one offers a deeper aroma with distinctive roasted note that could have a strong aftertaste to excite our taste buds. The other choice is the two-in-one for individuals who have a preference for their coffee more robust and strong without added sugar. From the University student’s point of view, it’s best coffee brands for them to stay focussed on their studies.

Second will be Super Noodles! Super's very own cup noodle is very accessible to find, whether it’s at the mall or grocery store. The price for the Super’s Cup Noodle is fairly cheap, suitable for students that have limited budget. Preparing the Super’s Cup noodle is simple, just sprinkle the flavour powder with other ingredients included inside the cup and pour any amount of hot water to end the process. It will take 3 to 5 minutes for the noodles and soup to be ready for consumption.

The three-main different flavoured cup noodles are Chicken, Seafood, Curry and Tom Yum. Curry flavour for those who like their soup spicy, Tom Yum for those who like an explosion of flavour for their taste buds, Seafood flavour for the unique taste and finally the general well-like flavour chicken soup.

Lastly, Want Want Sen Bei is the famous rice crackers snack that are made with specially chosen 100% pure rice. A snack that is not fried, low in fat, convenient and suitable for people of all ages. Want Want also offers Friend Cracker Ball for individuals who like to chew on smaller form of size snacks or kids in general.

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Instant noodle image taken from https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shin_Ramyun