8 stages of waking up when you hate mornings

Hands-up for those who was like those this morning? LOL 


1. Hearing your alarm go off when it feels like you went to bed 10 minutes ago.




2. Hitting the snooze button at least 3 more times.



3. Picking up your phone and checking every form of social media you’ve ever joined/followed.




4. Sitting up in bed, only to flop right back down again—you probably have more social media to check, right?



5. Carefully calculating the precise number of minutes you'll need to get ready, then realizing you're def going to be late.



6. Rolling out of bed as if it's the hardest undertaking in your young life.



7. Looking in the mirror...and realizing you pretty much look as bad as you feel.




8. Resigning yourself to the fact that that's as good as it's gonna get, because coffee always—ALWAYS—comes first.



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Source Credit to : Girlslife.com