How to tell your parents you're feeling too pressured

It’s no secret you’re a busy girl. Between soccer practice, student government club, loads of homework and trying to maintain a social life, you probably feel like you barely have time to breathe. If you've been trying to keep your parents happy by juggling tons of activities, and the pressure from them is wearing you down, it's time to speak up. Here's everything ya need to know to get the courage to let the 'rents know that you're feeling a little overwhelmed.


Schedule a time to talk to mom and dad

Sit your ’rents down and tell them that all this pressure is freaking you out. Let them know that you’re gonna do your best, but their expectations are set way too high. Instead of creating an impossible standard, sit down with your mom & dad to talk about some goals that aren’t grade-based. Discuss what you’d like to do better this year, whether it’s joining the soccer team (even though they’re pushing for tennis) or improving your PowerPoint presentation skills. Explain that you’re feeling too stressed and overwhelmed with everything you have going on, and you don’t want to disappoint them, but you need to slow down a bit. Suggest cutting out one activity, or signing up for a tutor so you can get some extra help with homework. It’s all about compromise.


Whatever you do, don’t argue

Your parents are taking the time to listen to you, so you need to listen to them, too. It can be easy to get defensive and upset, but try to save the drama (it won't help your case). You want them to take you seriously, and if you encourage bickering and snickering, you won't get too far. The key to this convo is staying calm––remember, if you get angry, try counting to 10 and take deep breaths.



Write a letter

If your parents reject the idea of even having a conversation about it, write them a letter or an email about how you’re feeling so they can read it on their own time. No matter how your message gets across, you’ll feel much better once you get it all off your chest. After a day or two, ask them again if they have time to talk. Remember, your parents only want what’s best for you. Getting them to see how you feel is the first and most difficult step. Once they know, they’ll be more open to a conversation next time around.



This is your life
Doing everything your parents want you to do is great…if you want to do all of those things, too. But if they’re pushing you to be someone you’re not, you need to let them know and then start thinking about the person you want to be and how to become that person. Life is about doing—and succeeding—at what you love.


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