10 ways to make your mornings happier and healthier

10 ways to make your mornings happier and healthier


Got off to a little bit of a rough start this morning? Bust those A.M. will be covered up with these 10 quick'n'easy fixes.




1. First, hydrate, go.


Drink a large glass of water first thing when you get up in the morning. Water is a healthy and natural energy boost, and cool water also can be one of the major factor to wake you up.



2. Take time in the beautiful morning to eat.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? It might seem easy to grab an energy bar or cereal or maybe a bottle of milk and go to daily activities, however, it will take time to eat a full, balanced and healthy breakfast contained with protein, carbs and fiber in order to help you stay focused and full until lunch.



3. Get rid of the coffee.


Seriously, it sounds great now, but it can cause caffeine reliance and crashes to our body. Plus, sugary Frappuccino and lattes are loaded with unnecessary calories. So, the solution is to get green tea instead. Why green tea? Because it is sooo good for your skin and health.



4. Get your whole body rocking & moving.


If waking up early for a real workout seems like “unrealistic”, please do a few jumping jacks or squats, in order to get your heart pumping. In fact, this exercise will help you to be more energetic within your day-to-day activities.



5. Green is the new black, they said.


Grab a green juice or whip up a kale smoothie for a nutrient-packed in order to start to your beautiful day. Trust me my friends, you will be practically “glowing” by the end of the week. 



6. Keep it really cool.


Hot showers are fabulous for the early morning bath, however, I will show you the effect of it. They can dry your hair and skin out considerably. Next, that warm water can make you want to curl up, go back to sleep and create “A Big Fat Super Lazy Day”. Turn down the temperature of the water in order to achieve a healthier body and a little pick-me-up.



7. Look good, feel good. Look fresh, feel fresh. Perfect.


You might have to dress professionally, put on a little makeup and do you hair perfectly. The point is, whatever makes you feel pretty and fresh, you must put them all together! Wearing too-comfy clothes or basically rolling out of bed and enter the bus will not get you in the right frame of mind for a whole busy day.



8. When lands grows you “The Yellow-sour”, squeeze it hard…


Squeeze these lemons into your water bottle and mix it with the mineral water. A little piece of advice, warm water will be the best soulmate for lemons. This fruit is a healthy, natural, and fresh energy-boosters, and also this drink will definitely help you to “kick start” your metabolism in the beautiful morning.



9. Spice up!


Speaking of metabolism in the beautiful morning, please sprinkle some cinnamon into your tea or breakfast for additional boosting benefits for your body for the whole activities you have that day.



10. Last but not least, just as simple as smile will help.


Show those “pearly whites” teeth in EVERY morning. It might feel silly, but give yourself a grin in the mirror before heading out to whatever activities you have that day. If you don't believe in yourself, who will?



So, when do you start???




Name: Calvin Karunia Wijaya

Bachelor In Business Administration in International Business, Nilai University. 

E-mail: pakr_calvin@yahoo.co.id

Source: Girls Life Magazine (Christine Mattera), 2015