7 Simple ways toget closer with your parents

7 Simple ways toget closer with your parents


Teenage times can sometimes mean a quite distance from mom and dad. Whether you’re thankful for the space or missing those special moments, it is still very important to keep the family close. So check out this list of the best ways to get closer with your parents, and its way easier than you think…



  1. Send them a text


Texting your besties makes you feel connected no matter how far you are. So, why don’t you try the same trick with your own parents? Maybe next time, if you’re in the mood to message them, send one to mom and one to dad, or you might be able to make a group chat for a double convoy! The text might not be much, even a “hey, what’s up?” will work on this, and you will be surprised on how fun the chats with your parents are.



  1. Lend a hand


Helping out around the house may not be your favorite activity in your home, however, offering to clean the table or wash the dish will go a long way with mom and dad. It is a simple way to look appreciative and super mature. You might be awarded as “Best Children” by your parents, of course…



  1. Fill them in


Mom’s questions about your latest crush can be nosy and totally annoying, however, you must consider the true meaning and sole purpose of that kind of questions. Your parents just want to know the “recent updates” on your life. Instead of pushing them away, you should let mom and dad in to your life on a few highlights of your personal life, they are our parents after all. You will feel more freedom to share them some information about you, while the time pass by.



  1. Ask for advice


Whether you had trouble with your best friends or maybe you experienced a heartbreak with your crush, face them alone can hurt your mind and self-awareness. Keeping your feelings deep inside is the worst way to face troubles in life, so my advice is to talk about your troubles and doubts to your mom or dad. They will absolutely want to hear that and love about the fact that you are sharing your stress and burden with them, and they have probably have been in this kind of position before, because they are far more experienced in this life better than us, of course.



  1. Admit your mistakes


Especially after a fight with the parents, it can be a challenge to own up to your slip-ups. But admitting that you are wrong, you will give a way to let your parents know that you are all on the same page. For extra record, it might let you skip the stress of arguing. The more peaceful it is between you guys, the better your relationship will be and the closer you will feel as a big warm family.



  1. Take the time


Set up a special time for bonding within your family. No matter if you only have short time or maybe you have another things to do, PLEASE put aside an opening for a time in the park, or a lunch date or just a small conversation within the family and you can proudly call them “My Family Time”.



  1. Have a heart-to-heart


The best way to show someone you care about them is to tell them, either directly or indirectly. Next time when you are feeling the love, you must let the parents know about it. Do not be afraid to bring on the mushy stuff and be awkward, as long as it is truly from your deepest heart, then they will find it totally adorable, they love you so much after all…



Name: Calvin Karunia Wijaya

Bachelor In Business Administration in International Business, Nilai University. 

E-mail: pakr_calvin@yahoo.co.id

Source: Girls Life Magazine (Julie Harans), 2013