5 ways to fall in love with yourself

5 ways to fall in love with yourself

We all have experienced troubles, bad days and low moments. But what is the primary key to be an all-around happy person? In order to answer that question, first, we must learn on how to be sweet to yourself, even when you are not in a good mood. So, here are five little ways to build your best-ever bond with your own self.



  1. STOP Comparing.


It's easy to think that everyone has some amazing life and you're just lagging behind. Resist the urge to see where you stack up compared to the other person. As humans, it is in our nature to compare ourselves to others. But nothing good ever comes from it. So let’s stop comparing ourselves to others. We were not born to live their life. There is no sense wasting our life (or energy) being jealous of theirs. Instead, let’s start living our lives. Let’s determine today to be good at it. After all, we only get one shot.

“Envy is ever joined with the comparing of a man’s self; and where there is no comparison, no envy.” —Sir Francis Bacon



  1. Create a feel-better-fast routine.


We must ask one question to our self. What brings us a pack of happiness? Dancing? Listening to music? Reading a comic book? Hanging out with friends? If you find the one, you can just write it down, and then bust them out the next time you're feeling down or not in the mood. Next, the extra tips I want to give to you all is that if you’re feeling super down on yourself, you can tune on a super girl power jam like Katy Perry “Firework” or Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”. Of course, these songs absolutely will get your hips moving and eventually, your confidence will bursting again, just like that “Firework”.



  1. Get rid of the stuffs that is so not you.


Maybe one little question might come into your mind. What are the stuffs that is so not you? Well, maybe you've been hanging onto some clothes that are just straight-up too small now. Or perhaps your dresser is filled with band t-shirts from way back your past. Or maybe your walls are plasters with sayings that no longer speak to you anymore. There are other examples about what kind of stuffs that is not so you, however, you must decide it with yourself, whether these stuffs is so not you or you still think that these stuffs is still so you. A “little” cleaning can help you to donate these stuffs that no longer lines up with who you are now. You must donate what you can, but don't be afraid to create a box of "maybe”. Everyone had experienced this kind of situation, where there are some things we are just not ready to be apart with.



  1. STOP assuming the worst scenario.


There is one interesting fact that many people know but never apply it in their life. “Bringing more positive thoughts into your life can work wonders, seriously”. For example, when you did not get text or phone call from your crush right away, you tried to assume that the person had found a new love interest in the past 15 seconds and left you behind. This is what we call “common worst scenario”. Instead of doing this thing, we should take a breath and think about this, “Life doesn't always operate exactly how we think. Same goes for friends, jobs, school stuff and our single minutes in our life”. A piece of advice for you guys, “Give yourself some credit, and try to stay upbeat”. Adiós…



  1. Make time for the favorite hobbies.


We cannot have a second thought on how important it is to make our precious time, only for the things or hobbies that make you happier, no matter how incomprehensible they seem to other people or maybe , in other words, how "bad" you are at them. There is no people say that you must do your hobby only if you are good at them. If you happen to do that hobby and make yourself happy, then it is worth to do. Let's say you love to sing, even though you are not good with this kind of practice and your neighbors might, you know, “angry-and-call-the-security stuff”, well at lease you are happy after doing this thing and your mood will increase.



I know, there is so much pressure to be an all-star in the whole 24/7. However, still there are lots of us who pursue that kind of pleasure by being the “numero uno” all day long. As long as you're smiling (but not all the time, you know…) and having fun, then I got to say that you must go for it and ganbatte…


Name: Calvin Karunia Wijaya

Bachelor In Business Administration in International Business, Nilai University. 

E-mail: pakr_calvin@yahoo.co.id

Source: Girls Life Magazine (Alexa Matthews), 2015