Pesta Ang Pau by UPM part 2

Pesta Ang Pau by UPM part 2

10th Programme of Pesta Ang Pau by Universiti Putra Malaysia - a turning point of your university lifestyle.

By : Daniel Wong Sheu Zhi . Email :


5 major activities, 6 months of preparation time, 10 years of history, 25 main sponsor groups and companies and 250 organising committees; this is 10th Programme of Pesta Ang Pau Universiti Putra Malaysia (PAP UPM), one of the largest students-organised events  in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).       

There are 6 departments under the organising board of this programme, which are Editorial and Production, Protocol, Exhibition, Public Relation, Publicity, and Event Planning. For each and every department, they will have their own unique job scope in order to ensure the smooth running of the whole event. Organising committees have their own right to choose the department which they wish to enroll in accordance to their personal interests and strengths during interview session.

 At the beginning stage in the preparatory process of PAP UPM, a Fun Camp lasts for 2 weeks was hold to gather all the organising committees to seek for sponsorships or outer sources’ supports and create bonding among all organising committees. They will be exposed to the real life society whereby they need to build up their self-confident in order to communicate with the public.

Afterwards, there will be a series of activities held which are Roadshow, Carnival, and also Extravaganza. Since PAP UPM is reaching the very first decade in year 2015, a lot of new elements have been introduced to celebrate this meaningful milestone. For instance, Carnival has been moved to be organised at The Mines Shopping Mall instead of organise it within campus. Challenges have been upgraded compared to the previous years. Publicity strategies have to be rearranged so that both public and campus students market needs are considered; Carnival contents have to be enhanced so that it can attract people from all social strata and professional production team is also hired to present a lively and vividly theater show during Extravaganza.

Therefore, the involvement in all activities of PAP UPM can improve various soft skills, build lasting friendships, and create a lifetime of memories. Soft skills like creativity, time- management, discipline, self-esteem, and teamwork are knowledge that we can’t learn academically. All of these are shaped by our thoughts, experiences, and brainstorming.


      In addition, students who joined PAP UPM will be able to learn the ways of managing their time. Along those lines, students learn organisational skills from having to wisely budget their time. Committee members have to organise their time for revision, doing assignments and presentations, preparing for exams, and participating in the progress of events. For them, procrastination is not an option for a student whose days are busy and structured.


This event can help to build strong discipline among the committee members. We have to dress nicely and properly for every activity that we involved. The discipline showed by the committee members will affect the impression given to the outsiders and community. Teamwork is another part of discipline and it is a very necessary skill. By understanding how to work well with others can guarantee a lifetime of positive relationships. In PAP UPM, we learn to encourage others, lift others' spirits, celebrate wins, and learn from losses. When someone in our team has faced problems in their progress of preparing, we will cooperate in order to solve the problem and reform our morale again.

On the whole, PAP UPM is a must-joined activity by all the students in UPM to colourise our university life.