Pesta Ang Pau by UPM part 1

Pesta Ang Pau by UPM part 1

By : Daniel Wong Sheu Zhi 

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Well, to start off this article, I would undoubtedly like to express my gratitude first to Youth United for allowing me to share some thoughts about our event, “Pesta Ang Pau”, also known as PAP and some of my experiences so far for this event. Basically, Pesta Ang Pau is an event facilitated by the Zhong Hua Cultural Arts Society UPM and it has reached the decade mark this year since it was started on year 2006. For me, this is quite an achievement and I was in awe of this when I was first being introduced to this event. The reason behind this is not just because it has reached its decade mark, but instead is how this event has endured any obstacles and critics, and also what it did and still doing until this very moment which is to promote our Chinese cultures by giving some exposure towards our cultures through this event.

Often I was being asked, “Why did you join PAP? Won’t you feel burdened and affect your studies?” Well, I must admit that initially I have no idea why did I join this event as committee member and like most of the members, my answer would be “I joined because my friends joined and the seniors said it would be fun”. But then, I found the real reason for me during our Fun Camp which functioned as a bonding camp while trying to look for sponsors for our event. During this camp, all the members will have to look for sponsorships for our event and all of us really enjoyed this very moment. The situation was really can be described as “work hard, play hard”. At that moment, all of us were working towards the same goal which is to make our event successful. I really enjoyed every bit of the phenomena at that moment.

Last but not least I would like to thank all the committee members for their priceless and selfless contributions. Also would like to thank UPM, sponsors, media partners and everyone who was involved to make our event successful. Thank you.