Getting to know about Uniten Muadzam Shah MPP team

Getting to know about Uniten Muadzam Shah MPP team.

By : Khairul Izzat bin Azmy

            Student Representative Council (SRC) or commonly known as Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) is an organization that every university must have. An organization that the represent the students need and demand from the management. This is one of the method university used to get a better understanding on students feedback and enhance management of university and the students.

            In Uniten, this organization consists of 18 members 12 are representative from Uniten Bangi and 6 are representative from Uniten Muadzam Shah. Members of this organization are elected by the students themselves in an election held annualy around November. To be a members, students need to be a candidate for election and campaign for the election in 2 weeks, the election will be conducted by the management themselves monitored by the candidates representatives.

            SRC Uniten Muadzam Shah consists of 3 supporting bodies which is Emceevengers, Skuad Media, and Exco. Total members of this three bodies is 100 students which consist of the most influence students in Uniten. Each with their own expertise.

            Being a member of SRC is never an easy jobs. The main objective is to be the bridge of understanding between students and management which means to always think of a win win situation. Both sides wanted to fulfil different demand which is impossible.

            Being a member of SRC is completely different with being a club president. You get different challenges as SRC is a different class. But it teaches the same values integrity, intelligent, and energy. “Tough situations will go, tough people stays”