‘UNITEN WOW’ by UNITEN Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus

‘UNITEN WOW’ by UNITEN Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus

By : Khairul Izzat bin Azmy

19/8/2015 – “Truly amazing, for the first time this parking lots feels so alive”  Katrina, one of Uniten international students. UnitenWOW is an annual programme organised by the Student Representative Council (SRC) of Uniten. This years, it took place in the middle of August, directed by Khairul Izzat bin Azmy, a controversial SRC member.


            The event managed to be sponsored by more than 10 sponsors such as Mercedes Benz, Career Fair, Teras Dara Konsortium, Youth United and many more. With total sponsor valued at RM10000 , this event managed to attract more than 1000 people including outsider from schools around Muadzam Shah and university around Pahang.

            The event managed to get a total sales around RM24000 including club registration fees and excluding sales from the outsider. It increases from last year event where it only managed to get sales at RM9000 only. This is due to influences of career fair that were also organized in the same day. Persatuan Rakan Sebaya (PRS) managed with the highest sales of RM1700 including club registration with more than 400 new club members joined the club. In average every club managed to gain around RM700 including new club members registration.

            The event was filled with performances from Uniten students which is dancing, singing, flash mobs and more. Izzat Azmy, the program director himself officiated the event. “The crowd was amazing but im a bit disappointed by the value showed by our young generations, where I had to use unknowledgeable entertainment to attract young generation to come. If anyone asked me did I lose my value, let just say desperate time calls for desperate measure” Izzat Azmy when asked about his opinion in this events.

            The event overall got a positive feedback in term of new club members and management itself, we are hoping more from the SRC to organized more successful events for the improvement of the students.

-Skuad Media UNITEN WOW event.