By : Sylvia Ong

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Very First Event in Uni Life.

I felt nervous and anxious because this is my first time to join this kind of charity event. When president started to introduction herself, she gave me the impression that she is a strict and knowledgeable leader. After going through the schedule with her, I really no idea for this event and my personal position. I felt helplessness because need to find out budget at least RM 200 of each group member. It makes stress and I felt hard. For this event, I need to select a real business and to interview manager, owner or staff to invite be our event sponsorships. In addition, I need to analysis and explain the purpose of this event. In this charity event, I learnt about how to use soft skills and social skills to find sponsorships. At that moment, I felt distressed about the budget. This is because I decided to go one by one each of the shop for find sponsorship. Therefore, it amount is not too many.

Like anybody else i was excited to be a part of this event because this is the very first charity event that i got the opportunity to work with. And like every team else, we got problem and we got conflict between each one of us, people usually think that we not going to work out even I too, got a thought crossing my mind that are we going to make it in time because we have no teamwork in other word , we're lack of compromise. Yet, I think this kind of process was as natural as mother earth, because we barely know each other and it's a little difficult to work with the person you don't know well. We get to know each other step by step through the argument and conflict. We speak our mind, we got problem with that, we shut up and listen to the others maybe he or she has the better way to offer and this is how the things going  work out. People nowadays are hard to hear the others and like, i got my own way to do those things and why do I ever listen to you, in other words. I called it arrogance. But in time we will find out that we are so naive, and how ignorance we all are to be not listening. We are young and stubborn and we make mistake, and by experience these ignorance mistake, we grow up.


Things We had Learned

By taking part in this event, i have gained many experiences. Those of which is mainly focused on designing. Through out this event, i have gained a great amount of knowledge about using editing softwares such as photoshop. The rest of the comittee were a great help throughout the planning and execution of this event. Though it was tiring and not easy, we managed to pull through at the last minute. I am very glad to have had worked with this comittee as i feel the outcome would be very much different if they weren't there. It is sometimes amazing at how our president and vice president never gave up on this event no matter how difficult it got. The teamwork showed by this comittee group also awed me, as this event wouldn't have been able to be carried out successfully if not for the help of everyone. All in all, the event was a great success and i'm very thankful to be able to have a part in it.

On this Sport Charity Carnival event, it bring lots of new things into my life.In the beginning, we were struggling with sponsorships because maybe of our school Nilai University are not well-known,so none of the companies willing lend their hands to help us. Here are one point to go, although thAt we didn't give up but instead we plan and work as team with our members to solve the problem we are facing. I learnt social communication skills while trying to comfort with companies to sponsor our event. On the feelings and emotional moment, when doing project or event together in a group of course there will have some arguement or judgement between each others. Everyone give different opinion and ideas because they know our aim is to help those Autism Kids. For me, this is a good spirit showed by them. Although our chairmAn scold or mentioned us about our weakness or mistakes, we don't fight back instead learning from mistakes. That's a great point for all of us. Because sometimes even human can't realised what mistakes they did. So, teaching each other in a group is important. It will bring benefits to all of us. Besides that, learn to tolerance with each others, accept their opinion and ideas. Don't think yourself are expert in all aspect but try to learn from others too. The most important points are teamwork and no arrogant among them. Without teamwork an event and project can't came to success. Talking about experience, when we carried out any project or event of course there will have an outcome and experiences. All works must be done on time to prevent last minute work. It will only bring trouble to us if we do not manage time wisely. I want to stress that teamwork and no arrogant is the most important values we must have when doing an event or project