By : Sylvia Ong

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Feelings and Experiences

I'm very happy to have this golden opportunity to get involved in this event. This event makes me grow that I learned something new. And of course, I can get a chance to help those autism children and this is the thing I appreciate the most. I learned to communicate with people in order to let things go well. It is not about how well a person can do, but about teamwork. We separated our works so that works will go smoothly. This event finally goes well and we all very happy for helping those children.


Activity Not Be Expected 

At the beginning of the event, I was not joining the progress of the event. Sometimes I heard that this event was facing lots of difficulties and the core problem is the lack of cash and sponsor to support the event. At that time, I busy on another event and think that this event would not carry on successfully and maybe will terminated in the middle of the event. However, after I finished another event and joined this charity event, I have different feeling about this event. I saw that everyone was so hardworking and responsible for their position job whether in looking for sponsorship, doing publicity job, doing reports or monitoring the event. My job is looking for sponsorship and finding cash for the event. Although we faced lots of problems in finding sponsorship and cash, we still continue to work because we are taking the originally hope to help the autism people. Finally, this event was carrying out so successfully and the student affair department, the lecturer and the students also said this is a well done job. All the committees felt so excited and appreciate for the successful of the event. I learned that the team spirit and determination are so important to carry out an event or activity from this charity event.

To be honest, before the event, I really had a bad feeling that the event is not going to success since the preparation work has not done. We have no sponsorships, no performers and everything is such a mess. And I really had no idea on how the event is going to continue. But then our organizing chairperson had call up a meeting to discuss on our event sponsorship and everything. After that meeting, everyone has gone back to the track and started working on what they are in charge of. And lastly our event succeeds. The outcome has surprisingly amazed all of us. We have more participants than what we expected. It was a good thing indeed. We all feel so happy after the event. All of these must be dedicated to our good organizing chairperson, Sylvia Ong for her good leadership skills. Without her and Kelvin Ho, our assistant organizing chairperson, everything would be a mess. What I’ve learnt from the event is that everything wouldn’t have happen without great teamwork among the committee and a great leader with good leadership.