Nilai University 14th Annual Fun Run 2015

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Lim Hoong Yang, Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance

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Lee Wai Yap, Bachelor Art Accounting And Finance

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Nilai University


  I’m appointed as the treasurer of this year Nilai University 14th Annual Fun Run 2015. To be truly honest, I feel that this event is a great success for all of us, the committee board of Fun Run 2015 even though we received some bad feedbacks from the participants but still all of us had did a good job indeed. Although we had made some mistakes before and during the event but human beings do make mistake so it’s okay to have mistake provided we will change after making the mistake.

            First and foremost, I would like to talk about my feelings on the entire FUN RUN 2015 event. Before the event, I was called up to be the treasurer of 14th ANNUAL FUN RUN 2015. For a young lad like me which have never been handling such a big event, I feel nervous and I’m afraid I will make a lot of mistake in handling the big money for this event. Due to this is a school event, we expect more than 800 participants at the beginning. Therefore the amount of money I have to handle also increases. As a treasurer for this event, I have to prepare a complete budget list before the event. I have to calculate all the cost for this event. But becoming a treasurer, I also have to help out on other things for this event. My organizing chairperson, Lee Wai Yap and I also came across a lot of problems such as where to find sponsorships to cover all of our cost as we want this event to be successful so we couldn’t cut down most of the cost.

            At the beginning of the participants drive at our walkway, the amount of participants participating came out to be disappointed. There are only around 150 participants for the first week of our participant drive. Then we decided to display our event T-shirt in order to attract more participants.  For the second week of participants drive, we have reached up to nearly 400 participants. But this amount is greatly far from what we expected for this event so we decided to extend the due date until the day before the event starts. Finally we reached up an amount of 594 participants which is nearly 600.

            Later on the event that day itself, our prizing committee have made a big mistake but however we still managed to solve it but the participant still seems to be unsatisfied with our event. We discovered a lot of problems throughout the event but we still manage to keep this event to go on smoothly and successfully, all of this is dedicated to our organizing chairperson, Lee Wai Yap for his great leadership and the cooperation of all the committee members. Without teamwork, we couldn’t make it all the way until great success.

            Last but not the least, what I have learnt from the event is handling a big event like this is uneasy and as a treasurer I found it even harder to handle all those money. What makes an event a great success is how much effort everyone give in for this event, the teamwork among the committees which couldn’t be denied and also a great leadership from a good leader.