By: Nurfaraain Abas

Management and Science University, September 3, 2015.

‘Behind the Scene’ is the instance of an event that takes place without being shown to the audience. On Wednesday, September 2nd from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., final years’ students from Public Relations and Event Management organized a Seminar with the title of “Behind The Scene” in Management and Science University (MSU). This seminar was held to fulfill the requirements needed from the university for the students to graduate.


Seminar is a conference for discussion or training therefore it needs a panelist and a moderator to run the seminar. The moderator for the seminar is Chef Nik Michael Imran and there were three panelists which is Yasmin Hani Richardson, Azma Aizal Yusoff and Sha’arin Mohammed Razali Wong. The duration of the seminar was around an hour.


During the seminar, all the panelists shared their experiences in their respective industries. For example, Yasmin Hani has been in the industry since her early years starring in TV commercials. Azma Aizal is a very young and talented director. He won an award at a young age and all his dramas achieved high viewership. For Sha’arin, he is a producer and he had produced many events, reality shows and many more.


The panelists shared their experiences on how they perform their work. How the producer finds a good director to direct the drama and how the director finds suitable talents to act in his or her drama. These three parties are the main components to produce a good drama. A producer has to prepare the budget, location and other details that a layman would not even think about. A director’s job is to find talents to act  and how to make the drama more compelling for the audience. In other words, he or she has to be creative.

The moderator, Chef Nik Michael Imran, was very good in catching the attention of the 200 participants. He used the #MSUBTS on twitter to interact with the audiences therefore, during the seminar all the participants can direct questions to the panelists. All the participants gave full cooperation to make the seminar more interesting. Whoever asked a question got a T-shirt sponsored by YouthUnited.MY.

In the future, we hope this sort of seminar can be held more often to give exposure to the students about anything that can help them to cope with their future undertakings. The input that has been shared by the panelists can be used as examples in our future jobs.