By: Melina Puspita Sari

Management and Science University, September 3, 2015.

Bachelor in Event Management and Bachelor in Public Relations students organized an event seminar titled BEHIND THE SCENE. It was an amazing event with an interesting topic and incredible content.

BEHIND THE SCENE seminar was held at Lecturer Theater M201, Management and Science University. It was from 10am until 12pm. BEHIND THE SCENE seminar invited Deputy Dean School of Hospitality and Creative Arts, Sir Azizul bin Jamaludin as VVIP guest and also Program manager and lecturers from the School as VIP guests.

Basically BEHIND THE SCENE seminar is about real-life stories behind an event or performance. It shows how public relations people, event people and talent people such as singer, artist or celebrity deal with an event. To gain knowledge and better understand about what happens behind an event, BEHIND THE SCENE seminar invited Chef Nik Michael Imran as moderator and three panelists who has experience in the industry to discuss the topic together. The panelists were, Yasmin Hani Richardson, Azma Aizal Yusoff and Sha’arin Mohammed Razali Wong.

BEHIND THE SCENE seminar ran smoothly. The content was delivered very well and the panelists shared their knowledge in the industry based on their experiences.

BEHIND THE SCENE seminar was attended by more than 200 participants which met the number of target audience. The participants were students from School of Hospitality and Creative Arts. They were really excited and satisfied with the seminar based on feedback forms that we have received from them. Most of the audiences commented that “the seminar was awesome it provided me with lots of useful information”.

The success of BEHIND THE SCENE seminar did not only rely on the event crew but it also on the support of various parties as well, such as the school, lecturers, students and the sponsors. We are grateful to all the parties and special thanks to YouthUnited for supporting our seminar.