My Intern Experience at Youth United.

Looking back from where I am sitting right now reminds me of the first day when I came into FP Avante Sdn Bhd for my internship. Before everything started I got quite excited with the company's fun layout and work. It has been an awesome 3 months; from working up and down stacking premium stocks to brainstorming ideas with the team. From this experience, I am quite motivated to finally go out and look for a job in a few weeks time as I have learnt that everyday, there is something new to do. (Motivation!!)

So here's what I did during my internship:

  1. Brainstorming Ideas!
  • Okayy, Being in Avante the first and most popular task I get is to think of Ideas. Everyone is considered as an Idea generator. Always be prepared to get into a meeting for Idea brainstorming or you will be given a few hours to submit Ideas to your supervisor. I learnt that there are things where creative ideas which are doable and those which are not doable. Having a great creative idea sometimes might not work out a good event, but a simple and easy ideas could actually make it work. So think smart sometimes.. All the time.
  • Good and relevant ideas might not just pop out in our minds often, so the thing I always do is to do a quick company background and facebook check and I will eventually get something in mind.




  1. I get to follow to meetings.
  • As an intern, I never thought that I will have a chance to actually follow my supervisor around to meet up with clients. Something which I have always wanted to do. Going to different kinds of meetings makes me understand how each company works. I get hands on experience on the the clients marketing needs and would like our company to get their brand closer to the students.


  1. Researching Time
  • Doing research for Youth United is one of the things you are going to do here.  It doesn't sound as bad as you think right? It’s actually a real fun thing to do. You are going to explore the newest and most happening things that student will like to do in this century, like the café hang out places, shopping malls, trendy wear, swag shop and trends in social media. Don’t tell me as a student you don't know where to play right? It’s just like telling others, just follow my Instagram and you’ll know (Just kidding)




  1. Production house shooting
  • Being an intern here makes you to become active in every aspect of the business. Even in the production department. I am so happy that I am able to go on video shooting with the production team to Malaysia’s Australia embassy to shoot for their speech in the ceremony for their new Columbia plan. A very rare chance to be in such high secured place and I got to help out the minister and also some of the ambassadors to fixed mini microphone in their coat to get our recording done. I was in charge for the audio recording part where I need to control the recording with no surrounding voice which is a quite challenging task for me as I have never done such thing before.



What will I miss FP Avante :

  1. The crzy peepo
  • Knowing them feels more than 3 months, and it's crazy in here! Even though they are hardworking but there has to be some fun and crazy people around to make work interesting. Even though there is a high workload, fun things will always happen around these funny people. During work hours, they are workaholics but they do not miss out on having fun.




  1. The food and Celebration
  • On and off we get to go on café hopping during lunch hour or even weekend activities. These people are just too young to just stay at home and rest. We went for new café tastings and sometime we have random celebrations to motivate each other.


                                          Weekend Ramen food hunting with Avanterian !



Café Discovery with Colleagues.





Motivation celebration and Birthdayss.


Durian Fest .


3. The Good Working Environment 

  • Unlike some companies in Malaysia, Avante feels like a mini Google working place where there is fake grass carpets and swings in Youth lab. Amazing meeting place that will make you like to work in this comfy environment. The pantry is always full of food and there are facilities for you to heat up your lunch or make a hot drink. 




It has been a really good experience here throughout this 3 months which will load you with lots of Ideas with real world work experience.Will be missing you guys so so muchiee <3  Just remember to be smart and leave as much memories with them during your event life in FP Avante and Youth United. Till then, Julien here signing off with my #selfie hahaha 


*Roll eyes*