My Intern Experience at YouthUnited

I set foot in this place four months ago beginning the internship of my degree life. This is my second time doing internship (first time was for my Diploma).  I was thinking that I would be probably doing almost the same boring stuff (Okay, not totally boring!)

All I wanted is for this four months to pass as fast as possible and ……… FREEDOM!!!

But honestly, I quite enjoyed myself working at Youth United and FP Avante. And learn quite a number of things completing my internship here.

So What Did I Do During My Internship?

  • Writing Articles for YOUTH UNITED!!!!!

I was really reluctant to write articles at first because I’m not good at it and mainly I don’t know what to write. But when I began doing it, it was really fun.  It became one of my most favourite task to do; browsing through social media and lifestyle websites to see what’s trending. If I find some handy tips or something worth sharing, I would write an article and share it with everybody.  Also, it kept me updated with what’s happening (not only on social media but also the news)


  • Plenty of Research!!

Okay, this must sound extremely boring, but it’s not really as boring as I thought. It was quite informational and fun. It also made me HUNGRY at times. Yes, hungry, not because it’s tiring but because I was looking at all the yummy delicious food photos! I was searching for the best FOOD TRUCKS for Youth United Festivals this year. So guys, watch out for our very own YOUTH UNITED FESTIVAL 2015, happening this year!



  • Youth United Roadshow and meet young passionate students!!

I had a chance to be at the UCSI Caring Week to help out. It was really nice to meet students that are passionate when it comes to charity. They were not just doing it for assignments sake but they really enjoy themselves. It’s rare to see youths that are committed and passionate to charity and I find it inspiring. They were really helpful as well, helping out promote YOUTH UNITED. I have learnt some extra knowledge about roadshows and events. (Something I don’t learn in school)

Students of UCSI with me and Rara


  • Going shooting with the production team.

I was glad I was able to help out the production team during their shoot during the last month of my internship. It was a different and fun experience since I did not learn any of it in college (I only learnt some basics on the function sof a video recorder). Being there and seeing the whole process was a totally different experience than doing a shooting assignment for college.

Shooting with production team!


  • Packing and pre-event preparations

Yesterday, me and another intern, Julien was sorting out and packing free gifts and merchandises for an upcoming roadshow. Look at how pretty these freebies from Libresse are! Get them with Libresse products purchases or watch out for the roadshows.

Freebiessssss~~~ (Love the owl and butterfly... )


What will I miss here?

  • The People

They are all very friendly and funny people! They also treat you as a part of this big family and get me involved in every company activity and outing there is!

My very first company outing here ;)


Berbuka Puasa with colleagues


Pizza and Chocolate Fondue after company meeting... :d


  • The Place

It’s not like any other office in Malaysia. The Youth Lab is awesome and there is “indoor grass” and swings! And whats more, you can write on the walls…. How cool is that?!


Really a great experience intern-ing here. Definitely going to miss my internship here! 

So this is me, Eeleen signing off as an intern at Youth United and FP Avante!!

If you want to be an intern at this awesome place, do email your resume.

Lastly, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!