MINIONS ALERT! Minion invades Malaysia!!!



Image from Mid Valley Megamall Facebook Page


Minions, the movie has just released in 18th June 2015 and everything is about them. If you are a fan. I hope you not missing any of those Minion waves. But first, let’s look back on how it all started……….

Minions was introduced to the world in 2010 when Despicable Me was released. But Minion wasn't such a big hit back then. Around 1 to 2 years after the release of Despicable Me, the second series was set to release. Universal Pictures began releasing short clips of Minion to promote Despicable Me 2. That’s when the Minion wave had hit and everybody fell in love with this little yellow adorable friends!


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2013 was definitely the biggest wave of Minions when the Despicable Me 2 was released in cinemas and McDonald’s were giving out Minions in their Happy Meals. That’s when it really hit me that MINIONS ARE NO LONGER SMALL YELLOW ADORABLE FRIENDS! THEY WERE BIG! The que outside McDonalds in 2013 was unbelievably LOONGGGGGG. And obviously Happy Meals are not for kids anymore. The ques are full of adults. On the initial release of Minion toys in McDonalds, many fans were disappointed by the quality of the product, but the demand was getting higher and higher by the week and the ques are getting longer. Nobody is getting enough of MINIONS!


Happy Meal toys given which cause a big hit back in 2013 at the release of Despicable Me 2 (Image from McDonald's)


This year, Minions had invade our very own MidValley Megamall. Minions (2015) will be featuring 3 most known minions which are Kevin, Stuart and Bob’s live before Gru and also Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock). The showcase in MidValley not only showcases Kevin, Stuart and Bob but also other minions as well, where shoppers could take pictures with their favourite minions. The exhibition was brought to you by HSBC and Huawei. Besides taking your own picture. There are staff in red holding Huawei Honor phone who could take a picture and print it out for you FOC. At the same time you could go to the Minion Rush booth to play Minion Rush and win movie merchandises. The showcase was from 28th May to 14th Jun 2015.


Image from Mid Vally Megamall Facebook Page


The minions at Mid Valley Megamall for minion lovers to take photographs with!! (Image from Mid Valley Megamall Facebook)


There was a meet-and-greet session with this adorable Minions, Kevin, Bob and Stuart!! (Image from Mid Valley Megamall facebook)


Get your Minions pictures printed out at the photobooth by Huawei!! (Image from Mid Valley Megamall Facebook)


If you can’t go all the way to MidValley, hope you have drop by to McDonald’s to grab some Happy Meals toy. This year, Happy Meal is giving out 10 Minion toys for 4 weeks from 28th May to 24th June.


(Image from McDonald's)


Not only that, McD have some Minions Special on their menu, Sundae Twist with lemon flavour in blue cones, Toffee Banana McFlurry, Banana Toffee Sundae and Banana Pies!!


One the Left: Flaver Twist Lemon on Blue cone specially for Minion Seasons!;On the right: Banana Toffee flavored McFlurry and Sundae with Banana Pie~(Images from McDonald's)


Okay…. If you still missed them. Nestlé cereals is also giving out free minions (while stock last). There are only Kevin, Stuart and Bob in those boxes, make sure you get those dancing minions and animated clips!


Nestlé cereals dancing Minions!! --Kevin, Bob & Stuart-- (Images from and


Of course, not only Koko Krunch is giving out these animated clips. These amazing merchandises comes free with even Milo, Honey Star or Cookie Crunch! (Images from


If you still did not manage to get those, then get these…….


Too bad the Malaysian TIC TAC doesn't come with Minion printings on the candies like those in US. (Image from


MINION flavoured TIC TAC! No worries, it’s not essence of Minions and no killing of MINIONs involved. They are banana flavoured TIC TACs. Remember to get all three: Bob, Stuart and Kevin!

If you still didn’t managed to get those, download Minion Rush and Play! Or if you are a girl, U could get those nails done!


The Minion Version of Temple Run! Get it free from App Store and Google Play~~ (Image from


Get your own manicure Minions done... Just few simple steps and you could wear it and watch Minions!! (Images from & The Little Canvas)


If you have not watch Minions in cinema, do so now! Meanwhile, here’s the trailer:

(Source: Illumination YouTube)

Visit Minions Official Website to watch all the trailers, videos and Minion HeadQuaters !!!