Sabah shook by the 6.0M Earthquake + Survival Tips

For a country outside the Pacific Ring of Fire, it’s always rare and unprepared when it comes to natural disaster or even earthquake.  Occasionally, Malaysia will get hit by earthquake that is a result from the vibration or aftermath from neighbouring countries. However, July last year the northern side of Malaysia experience a weak earthquake measuring 3.8M in Kedah.The quake’s epicentre was 11km south of Baling. Tremors could be felt in areas near Baling.

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Ranau was hit by 6.0M earthquake early morning of Friday (5th June 2015) which shook Mount Kinabalu the worst. At the time of tremor, 227 people, including 187 climbers was on Mt Kinabalu was all trapped on the mountain after the quake.  According to one survivor, Vee Jin Dumlao, at around 4:00pm the same day, climbers began trekking down Mt Kinabalu with the assistant of mountain guides after the long wait for rescue came to no avail due to poor visibility for helicopters to land and they were low in water and food supply. 

The Unsung Heroes: Local mountain guides moving one of the injured TKPS students down Mt Kinabalu (Image from Bername Photos)

The search and Rescue team attending to a injured victim. (Image from Bernama Photos)

Mountain guides getting ready to make new trails so to ease the search and rescue mission. (Image from TheStar)


The death toll of the earthquake is recorded as 18. Among the deceased includes nine Singaporeans, six Malaysians, one Filipinos, one Japanese and one China National. The nine Singaporeans and one Filipino who have been killed in the earthquake were two teachers, one guide and seven students of Tanjong Katong Primary School (TKPS); whom are among 30 members of TKPS’ school expenditure. The body of two missing Singaporean, Navdeep Singh Jaryal and Mohammad Ghazi Bin Mohamed was just recovered on Wednesday morning (10th June 2015).

Here is the full updated list of victims:


Lim Choon Seong, 45 (male)

Muhammad Logman Abd Karim, 22 (male)

Valerian Joannes, Mt Torq staff (male)

Ricky Masarin, Mt Torq staff (male)

Joseph Solugin, mountain guide (male)

Robbie Sapinggi, 30, mountain trainer (male, body recovered on Friday)


Rachel Ho Yann Shilin, 12, (female)

Sonia Jhala, 12, (female)

Emilie Giovanna Ramu, 12, (female)

Ameer Ryyan bin Mohd Aded, 12, (male)

Navdeep Singh Jaryal s/o Raj Kumar, 13 (male)

Mohammad Ghazi b Mohamed, 35, (male)

Loo Jian Liang Terrence, 29 (male)

Muhammad Daanish b Amran, 22 (male)

Wee Ying Ping Peony, 12 (female, body recovered Friday)


Karyl Mitzi Higuit Matahom, 12, (female)


Ozaki Masahiro, 29 (male)


Lugi, 35 (male)


There were a total of 54 aftershock was recorded ranging from 1.9M to 4.3M, the last was recorded on Sunday (7th June 2015) measuring at 2.5M.  On the other hand, a weak earthquake measuring 3.0M was felt in Ranau early Thursday morning (11th June).

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Currently, Sabah officials are considering to impose age limits of 15 years of age for climbers in the wake of the death of seven young pupils of TKPS during the time of quake. In addition, the Institute of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) is working with SIRIM to develop a standard for earthquake resistant buildings in Sabah.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Head Department of Geotechnics and Transportation and Head of Geoengineering and Geohazard Research Group, Faculty of Civil Engineering Assoc Prof Dr Edy Tonnizam Mohamad said that Eastern part of Sabah namely Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Semporna and Tawau could be hit with earthquakes in the future. Hence, locals should take note of survival skills during an earthquake and precautions.

Here are some survival tips during earthquakes from various sources.

The basic rule and tips to hide during an earthquake or building collapse is the "Triangle of Life".

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And here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for an eathquake and what to do during and after the quake.

Images from Red Sismica Nacional and Disaster Education.