Never to lock your love in Paris Anymore

Never to lock your love in Paris Anymore 

I guess you could say love is not only about about locking each other up because the city of Paris have begun removing love lock at the Pont des Arts Bridge on Monday (1st June).

Image from The Guardian


The city will be removing all the fencing locked with love locks estimated carrying more than 700 thousand brass locks weighing over 45 tonnes which is around 20 adult elephants.

This culture began back in 2006 when an Italian novelist Federico Mocciause include this practice in his novel, “I Want You” which was produced intoa  film in 2007. The culture started in Rome but soon spread to Paris in 2008. Within five years, Pont des Arts Bridge is filled with heavy brass locks and this practice had begun to spread to other bridges in Paris.

As a result, in 2012, the love locks have damage the fencing of the over 200 year old bridge and sections of the fencing begin to crumble and torn down.

The weight of the locks that have damage the fencing at Pont des Art Bridge (Image from The Guardian)


The city is closing the bridge for a full 8 days (from 1st to 8th June) to remove the fencing on the Pont des Arts Bridge. They have not decided what to do with all the locks but some of them will likely be melted while some might have a second chance.

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The Pont des Art Bridge fencings will then be replace with custom padlock-proof plexiglass to stop tourist from putting up love locks on the fencing. While the 700 thousand keys that lies at the bottom of the river will stay untouched at the moment.

Love lock had also been affected bridges in many areas. Love Locks in Southgate footbridge has also been removed and currently close for renovation. In Moscow, love locks are hanged on a designated metal sculpture which makes it look like colourful trees. While in Korea, their loves locks are locked into the shape of Christmas trees.


Image showing the Southgate Footbridge before and after the removal of Love locks. ( images from


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