10 Young People that might Inspire (You)th !!

  1. Malala Yousafzai

    Image from communitytable.com

     This young girl from Mingora, Pakistan stood up for girl’s right for education since the age of 11 when the Taliban take control and denied the right for girls to receive education. However, Malala braved herself and went to school. When the Taliban start attacking girls in school, she gave a speech entitled, "How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?" .This is the beginning of her activist journey.

    She then became a blogger for BBC as Gul Makai, in order to protect her identity, writing on women’s right. In 2011, she received Pakistan's National Youth Peace Prize.  On October 2012, Malala was shot on the head hitting her left brain to neck when she was on the way back in a bus.

    She survived and receive huge supports from people around the world. She gave a speech in United Nation on her 16th birthday and wrote an autobiography the same year. To date, Malala is the youngest to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Aisha Bibi 

    Image from TIME

    As a girl from Afghanistan, she was married of to a Taliban family at the age of just 14. She was mentally and physically abused by her in-laws since. She fled at the age of 18 but was captured and sent jail briefly. Her father then return her to her husband’s family after being assured to treat her well.

    As a matter a fact, Aisha Bibi was brought to some mountain clearings and her in-laws hacked off her ears, nose and was left to die. She manage to find her way to her grandfather’s house and was rescued by a US military soldier. Aisha Bibi was then nursed in a privately run women shelter. The US military then brought her to America to receive further treatment.

    She has now received reconstruction for her nose and aspires to be a police officer to protect women and children. She is also been adopted by an Afghan-American family which is proud of having her. . She had showed us tremendous fortitude and bravery in holding onto the last vestiges of life when every ounce of willpower was being beaten out of her.

  3. Benjamin Yong

    Image from mystarjob.com

    It all started with watching her mom cook. At the age of 11, he started to learn baking and then selling them. By 13, he is selling carrot cakes around Kuala Lumpur.

    His father was one of the driving force behind Metrojaya back in 1980s while her mother was the owner of Ms Read, this is where his entrepreneur career begin. It so happen that the shoplot her mother was planning to rent was too big, so they decided to open an eatery beside it. And here comes Delicious when he was 25 years old. Three years later, his share of 51% was sold to E&O Group for RM3mil while his partner, Abby Leong sold hers for RM8mil three years later.

    Guess what the B.I.G Group stands for? Ben’s Idiotic Group!!! It was merely suggested by his Delicious co-founder while joking around. So for business sake, it is written as “the B in B.I.G” in his name cards. Ben now owns 19 brand under B.I.G Group including Plan B, Ben’s,  Plan b Roasters, Ben’s General Food Store, Hit & Mrs, Beast, The Langford, Gen B, Ben’s Bake Shop, Bakar, Mrs, Page 2, Tate, Mrs Brooks, Barlai, Cuben, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Banquet and Langford Fivehead.

  4. Timothy Tiah 

    Image from timothytiah.com

    If you heard of Nuffnang, it’s all thanks to him, Timothy Tiah!! And the other fella Cheo Ming Shen….. They founded Nuffnang when they were just 23 years old. It all started in a PussyCat dolls concert in UK when they were just students.

    They start up in February 2006 with only 20 bloggers including XiaXue, a prominent Singaporean Blogger. Xiaxue was the first few to support Nuffnang even though she was not totally convinced with the idea. This gave a major support for Nuffnang and in three days the number of bloggers grew to a number of 300. The success have attracted many other popular bloggers including Dawn Yang, Cheeserland, Cowboy Caleb, and Kenny Sia. They have also received offer to acquaintance and investment but decided to turn it down.

    In a 2010 interview, Timothy and Ming Chen revealed that the annual revenue is $10 million. To date, under Nuffnang, there is Churp Churp, Jipaban,  Ripplewerks and NuffnangX.

  5. Louis Braille

    Image from www.peerie.com

    Does Braille ring any bells? Louis Braille invented the Braille System allowing visually impaired to read.

    When he was three, he injured one of his eyes with his father awl, which is used to make leather items. Soon, his eyes got infected and spread to his other eye. Although he had his disadvantages, he excelled in his class and got a scholarship to study at the Royal Institution for Blind Youth in Paris.

    Louis heard that there are the books for the visually impaired to read, but to his disappointment, there were only fourteen book to read with raised letters. However, the ten year old Louis found it the letters big and the books were bulky.

    He then started thinking ways to make it easier for visually impaired to read. The braille system got the idea from a French army captain that created raised dots for encrypted reading in the dark. Louis that adopted the idea and simplified it when he was just 15 years old.

  6. Kelvin Doe

    Image from youtube.com

    Kelvin is a self-taught engineer in Sierra Leone, Africa; an area which were torn up by the civil war.  At the tender age of 11, he could rummage the dustbin for scrap electronics part and could fix local problems. When he was 13, he successfully made battery by mixing acid, soda and metal in a tin cup. This proves to be very economical especially from where he is from.

    He then build an electric generator from electronic parts found in the rubbish bins because his area does not have a stable electricity supply. The generator is even used to power his very own local community radio which Kelvin plays songs and his friends were employed as journalist and station managers.

    Kelvin have won the national innovation competition and been selected as one of the 10 person to visit America to speak at  the Meet the Young Makers panel at the World Maker Faire in New York.

    He is also the youngest visiting practitioner with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) International Development Initiative and even took part in research and lectured to engineering students at Harvard College.

  7. Zea Tongeman

    Image from The Guardian

    Zea, a year 10 student used to think IT is always about fixing computers until she attended the Little Miss Geek workshop at school; when she realised IT can do much more than just sitting in front of computers.

    Her IT teacher than introduced the class to a competition known as Apps for Good. Feeling totally inspired after Little Miss Geek workshop she decided to enter the competition with her friend Jordan Stirbu.  The aim was to create an app that solved a problem and straight away they thought of recycling and how to make it fun and rewarding. She quotes Mary Poppins, "You find the fun and it becomes a game," and that’s the philosophy behind their amazing app.

    Their app is known as Jazzy Recycling with enables users to find places to recycle, tells them what they can recycle and then enables them to scan, share and get rewards for their efforts. They believe that a social incentive using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can really help young people like me recycle more.

    How cool is that?

  8. Alexandra 'Alex' Scott 

    Image from news.cision.com

    A little girl from Connecticut was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma two days before her first birthday. Neurobalstoma is a cancer more commonly found in children under the age of five where the cells are found in a chain running down the back of the chest and stomach (abdomen). The cause is still unknown.

    When Alex was four years old, she told her mom that she would like to help other kids, like those who help her, by opening a lemonade stand. Her first lemonade stand earn the cause a total of $2000.

    The Alex’s Lemonade Stand is now officially known as Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). She continued to the lemonade stand throughout her life and this has inspired her neighbourhood to continue the stand even after she moved to Pennsylvania for treatment.

    When Alexandra died at the age of eight, her parents continued ALSF aiming to fund research projects, support families of children receiving treatment and develop resources to help people everywhere affected by childhood cancer. To date, ALSF had raised over $100 Million used to help other kids like Alex.

  9. Ariana Grande

    Image from dailyactress.com

    This young singer is known as the next Mariah Carey have blown the world away by her voice. Currently 21, she also have participated in various philanthropy works. She co-founded youth singing group Kids Who Cares when she was only 10 and performed for charitable fund-raising events and volunteered to raise funds for charity.

    As a victim of bullying herself, Ariana is also an anti-bullying advocate. She teamed up with Mika to sing against bully with her single “Popular Song”. Besides that, she was also featured in Seventeen magazine to end online bullying “Delete Digital Drama” back in 2013.

    Besides that, also performed in a charitable TV program that aims to stand up against cancer; promoted pet adoption and paid for 35 dog’s adoption fees. She even adopted several of them.
  10. Emma Watson

    Image from UN.org

    Emma Watson or better known as the girl from Harry Potter, Hermione Granger is a talented British actress.  Currently the ambassador for United Nation, is fighting for gender equality and had given an inspiring speech during the UN Conference last year.

    She is also recognised and listed as the top 100 most influential people in 2015 by TIME. Before being a UN ambassador, she has also promoted education for girls in areas and countries such as Bangladesh and Zambia. She had even supported African School charity projects. She supports causes focusing on Children, Disaster Relief, Health, Human Rights, Physical Challenges, Poverty and Women.