10 Fun and Interesting Work Place in Malaysia

Choosing a company you like to work with is definitely important if you want to enjoy working.

So, here is the 10 most fun and interesting places to work!


  1. Google Malaysia

    Who won't want to be a Googler? The most infamous search engine in the world have an office in Malaysia since 2011. The best part is not only the fun office work environment but also the fact that it provides free food and drinks.

    So are the food and drink they provide? Coke, Tiger, Cornetto, Pringles, Magnum, Belgian Hoegaarden beer, Vitagen and much more. 

    Googlers can get all think yummies at......................... Gerai Gugel!!!

    Besides, there are interesting office designs and all sorts of games to help Googler destress!! 

    Images from The Star Online and Female Magazine

    The top picture is not an ATM machine!! It's an arcade game machine.... And they have a monitor showing what's trending !!

    Don't you think this is the perfect workplace?? Near to the Google HQ we see in The Internship!!

  2. SAYS.com

    Says.com is a social news network where it is always updated with the latest trending news and entertainment.  Their office is called "The SAYS Secret Hideout". But it is no ordinary office like any other.

    Image from Female Magazine

    They have Xbox, games and BED!!! Why do they have beds?? But their interior designs is surely different from the normal offices. Definitely makes you feel at home.

    Image from Female Magazine

  3. Fave Malaysia (formerly known as Groupon)

    One of the most reliable online shopping site would definitely have an extraordinary work area. With many youths working there, Fave's office will never be boring! 

    Image from WOBB

    Images from WOBB

    Images from WOBB

    Fave also has spaces for their employees to relax on beanbags and lounge chairs with natural lighting coming in to give their minds some peace and quiet. On top of that they also have an office pool table, ping pong, and a Wii console! How fun it is to unwind while at work!

  4. Nuffnang and Churp Churp

    As the most popular blog, the office area won't let you down. Even the working environment seems to be extremely fun and exciting!

    Images from Female Magazine

    Look at all those DIYs and pictures on the walls!!!

    Images from funnymalaysia.net

    They might not have Xbox like those cool work places earlier but they have Wii in their playstation~~

    You might not know this but Nuffnang and Churp Churp share the office. So when that happens, this will happen on April Fool’s Day!!

    Images from timothytiah.com

    Eventually, you will NOT FOUND your workstation due to some errors. That was an April Fools prank Churp Churp pulled off on Nuffnang's office.
  5. Rev Asia

    Rev Asia (formally known as Catcha Media Berhad) located in KL is a top authority brands with an extensive distribution platform  that is able to reach a total reach of approximately 14 million people each month through the power of social media marketing and exceptional content, and provide influential digital marketing solutions to over 500 clients and counting.

    Their comfortable office environment definitely contributes to the productivity of their company! Just look at their work area. And their office have bar, snooker table, foosball table and lots more.

    Image from funnymalaysia.net

  6. FP Avante

    I must not miss this out. FP Avante might not have the best working space, but it is definitely one of the best!!

    We here have two sides to the office, one is the working space and the other one is the YOUTH LAB.

    Here are some snaps shots...

    Our colourful workspace.

    We scribble on the walls as we please.

    This is our brainstorming area where we also have meetings over there. During lunch hour, it becomes a hangout place for Manga Fans as there will be manga airing at that corner.

    And when we feel tired from staring at our desktops or ran out of brain juice, we could go relax at our YOUTH LAB where there are some greenery for the eyes and swings for our youth! We still like SWINGS like children, it makes us happy and feels like kindergarten~~ ;)   Of course, for those who don't swing, they can play foosball too.

    This bar-looking place is our pantry. Do ignore the mess on the bar top, it's because we make ourselves at home.

  7. MindValley

    MindValley is a multiple award-winning office which occupies two levels at Menara UOA in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. They focus on focuses on employee growth and hacking productivity by investing in company culture and office design, it’s inspired our team to be creative, productive, innovative, and most importantly – feel really valued as employees.

    Here's a peek to their office.

    Images from MindValley Blog

    It's looks more to a cafe to an office. Love the office design and they also have many interesting display items!

    You can also sleep in office, but...............................................

    Images from MindValley Blog

  8. Intel Penang

    Who doesn't know Intel? If you own a laptop or (for some) a phone, you might be their user. This big IT company is equipped with all sorts of facilities.

    Images from Hardwarezone.com.my

    Look at the fitness center for Intel staff, almost bigger that those you find in malls. They even have their own tennis courts!

    As an IT company it is equipped with high tech games to release some stress and most impressively, they have their own recycling station. This is something many companies should have.

    Another point that shows Intel Penang is one of the interesting place to work is you get your hands on and experience the latest technology. Like the hologram shown in the top right of the picture.

  9. Genovasi

    Genovasi is a transformative learning institution with programmes focused on the cultivation of innovation competencies. Genovasi offers a human-centred learning experience to learn and use innovation for social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development for future transferable skills to face challenges in life.

    Although it is a training center, working there seems great as well. The office is full of creativities and ideas. The lively environment makes working there cozy and comfort. 

    Images from Genovasi Facebook Page

    Like Intel, they also prepared recycle bins to practice a green lifestyle. Like us in Avante, they also scribble on wall during brainstorming sessions.

    And their hang out area is has a very recycle theme with the wooden frame used as tables. The pantry also uses western approach with London Street lamps near the pantry tables and stools.

  10. Tujuan Gemilang

    Last but not least is Tujuan Gemilang office, a real estate company. If you enter the area, you will feel out of the world (or at least Malaysia. The greenery around the office gives employees a fresh environment especially in cities in Malaysia when you don't see trees in office areas.

    Image from Tujuan Gemilang

    Employees of Tujuan Gemilang sure feels relax in such office works place with grass, wood and appropriate amount of natural light. 

    Images from Tujuan Gemilang

    The breathtakingly creative yet simple looking design of Tujuan Gemilang office looks like a high security holiday villa for royalty. Employees sure feels like taking a holiday rather than working in the office.