10 interesting Careers/ Jobs that you probably didn't know exist in Malaysia

  1.  Veterinary Acupuncturist

    You heard me right!! There is such a job in Malaysia where you could do acupuncture on your pets.  Asia Paw would be the only certified clinic in Malaysia that provides acupuncture.

    If you would like to be a different and one of a kind Vet, this is probably the career of your choice!

    Dr. Susanna would be the only veterinary acupuncturist in Malaysia and YOU might be the first MALAYSIAN to do so ;)

    This is Dr Susanna and her dog Penny. (Image from MalaysianInsider.com)

    Image from Asia Paw Facebook


  1. Google Street View Vehicle Driver

    If you are wondering how Google got the street view just outside your house, this would be the person in charge.

    If you haven’t got a chance to use Google Street View, do so. You might see yourself in it, cause I saw my dog in Google Street View.

    So, this is a job where Google hired people to drive the Google Street View Car, Street View Trike (which is a tricycle) , Street View Trekker (a back pack form) and Street View Trolley (a push cart) to capture the streets (and even mountains) around Malaysia.

    Image from The Star Online

    This is Cody, a curry mee hawker from Bukit Mertajam; one of the drivers for Google Street View Car.

    How cool is that? Be a Googler just by driving!


  1. HeadHunters

    This is not what you think it is. There is no head required for this job!!

    This is a paid job hired to hunt for talents for job openings in companies, contact them and ask whether they are interested. In Malaysia, normally only established companies will hire a headhunt.

    So you get paid for hiring talents. Isn’t that amazing?


  1. The Darkness Expert

    A darkness expert? Why do we need someone to tell us how dark is it??!!

    Apparently, Darkness Expert is a job at Dinning in the Dark. A restaurant that allows their diners to eat in the dark in order to better appreciate the food and enhance their other senses.

    Of course, they won’t be left without any help and this is where the Darkness Expert come into place.

    The Darkness Expert are visually impaired guides that will guide the diners throughout the journey.

    Image from Dinning in The Dark KL Facebook Page


  1. Food Technologist/ Research and Development at Nestle

    Food technologist is basically the one who scientifically make all the instant food products you buy into reality. For example, they will experiment how to make your Nescafe Dolce Gusto foamy on top.

    Imagine if you’re working under RnD for Maggi brand, all you do is cook and experiment with new flavors… YUMMY~~~  So whatever flavour you like to have for your instant noodle, you could just try it!

    Image from buzzfeed.com
  2. The Little Mermaid

    Being a princess and a mermaid is no longer a dream. As once said by Mr Walt, “If you can dream it, you can do it”

    Now if you dreamed of being like Ariel and to swim freely under the water, you can do it!

    There is aquatic and swimming center, Dolphin Lee Aquatic where you can learn to swim and dress like a mermaid.

    Besides, you can make a career out of it! Join The Mermaid Mission and be a mermaid model or mermaid performer!

    Image from The Mermaid Mission Facebook


  1. LEGO Builder Master

    Calling for  all LEGO-lovers!! If you are good in building LEGO, there is a job in LEGOLAND for you!!

    The LEGO Builder builds all the items in LEGOland, from the legomans to the building to the Petronas Twin-Tower.

    Image from silverkris.com

    Stefan Bentivoglio, is the LEGO master builder for LEGOland. 11 years ago, he was watching a documentary on LEGO and an advertisement on LEGO model builder was aired. So he decided to give it a try.

    LEGO Miniland in Johor (Image from blog.legoland.com)


  1. Animal Behaviorist

    There are animal behaviourist in Pet Nanny Malaysia!! If you are an animal lover and always wanted to love and care for animals. This is definitely a career path you should choose to take.

    There are still not many animal behaviourist here in Malaysia, so we really need more.

    More and more owners are willing to care and pay more for their little furry friends to understand them better.

    If you are interested to be an animal behaviourist, there are PhD courses in Animal Behaviour Or Psychology by Research in universities in Malaysia like UNIMAS, UPM and University Sultan Zainal Abidin.


  1. Chicken Sexer

    This is NOT a joke.

    There are such jobs in Malaysia with a 4 figure pay to be a chicken sexer.

    What they do is differentiate and separate the male and female CHICKS.

    So what you do is stare at their butts and get paid. But this is not any easy task because it’s difficult to differentiate male and female chicks.

    You must be thinking why such job is needed. This is because the future hens and roasters will be sent to hatcheries and livestock farm separately.

    Image from samaritanspurse.org


  1. Puppeteer

    There are not many puppeteers in Malaysia. Back during the 80s and 90s, there is a popular Malaysian puppeteer television program known as Along. The puppet are life size cats. It is the Malaysian version of Barney.

    Image from baca-blogspot.blogspot.com

    The crew and casts of Along back in 2004 (Image from baca-blogspot.blogspot.com)

    The Along puppeteer was act by Beto Kushairy, a now well-known actor.

    Image from baca-blogspot.blogspot.com

    It would be interesting will Malaysia brings back puppeteer television programs for kids.


****** BONUS

  1. Bed tester

    Too bad there is no such jobs in Malaysia.

    Bed tester is hired to test on Travelodge beds and to test luxury beds in showroom in various conditions.

    It’s amazing don’t you think? Get paid to sleep!! Dream job!