UCSI's Caring Week Sponsored by YouthUnited.MY!

It was the first day of Caring Week 2015, and yet we saw many students were eager to approach us and asked us the main objectives that are to be achieved.

Right after the students got to know one of our main objectives which is to help raise funds for the orphanage – “Rumah Keluarga Kami”, opposite of Kajang KTM station, the students were very excited to engage themselves with us and asking us how to help out the orphans.

We deliberately explained to them that you can buy our colorful wristbands with different quotes carved onto them. Not only were they introduced to wristbands, we also did let the students know that they can make donations, in which they can then be rewarded with various vouchers from our sponsors, namely : Juiceworks, Espresso Lab and Zalora.

Also a special shout out to another sponsor, Youth United. Thank you so much for being supportive of our event. Had we not secured a sponsorship from Youth United, we would not have been able to attract such huge crowd of students to come to our event. Thank you once again.

This hereby summarizes our Day 1 of Caring Week, together with some of photos we have taken.

Photo 1.0 : Students trying to find out more about JCI Caring Week 2015


Photo 2.0 : Committee members getting the booths ready.

(Rilakkuma :  “Why am I so shy ?”)


Photo 3.0 : How can we forget our dearest sponsor ! Thank you Youth United !!

- Written by JCI Member Pang Hui Ying

2014/2015 Vice President of Community Team
JCI Youth UNMC (JCI Malaysia)

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus