Five Interest Facts About Me

Hi All !!!! I’m Eeleen, the new intern for Youth United!  I’m from KDU University College, DJ Campus studying Bachelor on Communications. But I graduated from KDU Penang Campus in 2012. Penang is definitely a great place to study if you are a foodie. Because of all the different varieties of yummy foods and the combination of modern and cultural lifestyles there!


So here are 5 interesting facts about me::-

  1. In case you are wondering, I’m a Kedah-an and Chinese. A lot of people tend to think that I’m Malay especially when I was in high school. And because I’m from Kedah, I really LOVE Nasi Lemak! It’s my number one choice breakfast when I go back to my hometown. ;)


  1. Those who really know me know that I have a passion for nail arts. Most of the time, you’ll always see my nails painted with different nail arts. When I say Iove nail arts, I don’t mean that I go to nail salons and get my nails done, I LOVE doing it myself!

These are a few nail arts that I have done ;)


  1. You might find me quite at first but once I get really close to someone, I can be quite crazy. :P


  1. I am an animal lover. I developed my love for animals from kindergarten since I started playing with my cousin’s dogs whenever I visit their house.  I have a white, furry cat here. He looks like a fur ball when the lies down on the floor hence, he is Furball. I also have two dogs and one cat at my hometown.  

The white one is Furball , he is a loving cat but he is VERY vocal. Sometimes, he can meowwww his way to the daylight….. The grey one is Fluffy~. We like to call her ‘sombong’ because she does not like to ‘entertain’ us, THE HUMANS!!!


On the left is Tessie, my first ever pet dog adopted from SPCA Penang. The right one is Miko, always have a very strong love for FOOD! You could ask her to do anything as long as you have food 


  1.  I also really love doing charity works. One of the best charity events I did was an assignment to help the Myanmar Refugee Children in United Learning Center where we collected donations and spent one weekend with the kids at ULC. If was really memorable and fun both for the kids there and me as well.

These are some lovely kids in ULC, although some of them have very poor English, they had a great time and thanked us when the day is over.


Well, these are 5 intesting facts about me! Hope to know some facts about YOU too~~ ;)