My experience as an intern at YouthUnited!

So it has been 11 weeks since I first started my first ever internship at FP Avante Sdn. Bhd. These are the few things that I have picked up and enjoyed during my time here. (I was forced to write nice things. I’m kidding! Haha no I ain’t!) You think as an intern you won’t learn anything and you would just be a coffee girl but not for me! - Admin's Note: Looks like we'll take back that internship report!

What I got to do and learn!

  1. To be good at something you need tons of practice!

    I wrote quite a few articles and you can totally check them out on the main page! At! I was never a fan of writing because I guess I never really tried. So I kind of got used to it and had fun while researching and reading tons of other articles on buzzfeed (which made it interesting) to make my article as good! Well I try? :P


Here's the page! It's filled with my name! haha!


  1. How a marketing department worked

    I was under Ms. J who is with Youth United, an organization to give youths a platform to engage, enjoy and celebrate each other! That was not the only thing I was involved with?

    I had a glimpse of what goes on in the background of a good and well-planned roadshow and some might not be as planned out but solved right away when problems arises. To always think off your feet when something goes wrong.

    The first few weeks, I had to call tons of universities’ student affairs department to liaise with them as well as to get information for our clients before any roadshows were conducted. I learned that if you have a good relationship with the people in charge or if they know your company it would be way easier to get the information.


  1. I get to go out on different occasions!

    For different roadshows or even running errands for clients who are just too picky some of the time but you got to hold it in and take a deep breath!

Also for a shoot! Which comes to my next point!


  1. They have a media department too! Yay! (I am a broadcast major and public relation as a minor)

    So the sister company has a media department that shoots videos all the timeand I went out for a shoot at a local Council.

I got to handle the audio and mic up very prominent people who were in practice or still in practice! A pretty cool experience I must say!


What I loved about FP Avante!

  1. A comfortable environment to be in!

    My table during my time here! I got to eat and drink coffee whenever I was going to fall asleep. Leaving a little of me on the table with a candid picture of me!

Here’s the pantry which has like all-ready stocked coffee and a microwave so if you get broke, you bring your own food and heat it up. Spot my name!

A foosball table to let out some stress! and Comfy chairs when we get tired of our office chairs! A swing too if you get bored of sitting on a normal chair!

A meeting area but during lunch breaks, the projector will be used to watch anime!

  1. The people!

    Some of them annoy me, of course playfully, but it’s all fun. Really going to miss the random burst of laughter across the room when someone says something funny, to the people making fun of me as the intern!
  2. Random interesting things I get to do or get to bring home!

    I got to try out a mascot constume! I was just too cute!


Be out of the office and become a promoter! Heehee!

Science experiments for the next roadshow on how many balloon weight can it sink a ping pong ball! Answer is two! Small ones though!

All in all, I enjoyed my time here in FP Avante because of all these qualities it had. The people, the environment and the things you go through together. Them friendly faces I know I will miss the most because from now on when I wake up in the morning I won’t be able to see their faces. But somehow I know that my life might cross paths with them all again at some roadshow perhaps and it will be a good one. Here is my last post for my time here in FP Avante. I will miss it definitely! 

Amanda Soh 

Admin's Note: We'll miss you too!