#TheDress That Broke The Internet!

The Dress.

The one and only dress that had everyone and anyone all over the world talking about and that broke the Internet, bringing chaos across the world. ‘What colour is the dress’, was the ultimate question that NEEDED to be answered to put the whole phenomena to rest!

So, what colour is the dress?

Pic by Caitlin Mcneill’s account under the moniker 'swiked' tumblr blog at: Visit http://swiked.tumblr.com/post/112073818575/guys-please-help-me-is-this-dress-white-and

Here’s to cut the story short on how it ALL BEGAN!

Sourced from the businessinsider.my

It all started with Caitlin Mcneill and her band being asked to play for her best friends’ wedding.

Pic by Canach’s Facebook page.

 “What happened was two of my close friends were actually getting married and the mother of the bride took a photo of the dress to send to her daughter,” McNeill explained. “When my friend showed the dress to her fiancee, they disagreed on the color.”

The bride then posted the picture on Facebook and her friends continued to debate the color of the dress.

“All of our friends disagreed,” McNeill said.

After seeing the Facebook thread, McNeill decided to share the picture on a fan page she has on Tumblr dedicated to a woman named Sarah Weichel. That’s where the dress went viral.

Read more at http://www.businessinsider.my/origin-of-white-gold-or-black-blue-dress-2015-2/#i5lDaw9IpziyhsG5.99

After much confusion that has cause the masses to go crazy over ONE DRESS, it is said to be BLUE AND BLACK! #teamblue&blackwins

Caitlin Mcneill holding the original pic of the dress that was sent to her. Pic by daily.co.uk.


So why do people see two sets of colours?!

Solved with SCIENCE, here’s a video to tell you why!


What does it mean to see #blue&black or to see #white&gold?

TEAM Blue and Black

  • You are RARE!
    According to BuzzFeed’s survey of nearly 3 million people from all over the world, 30% saw it as #blue&black and 70% saw it as #white&gold.
  • You could have MORE ACTIVE cones in your eyes.
    Since you see the dress as being washed out by bright light, your cones are in full effect.
  • Your brain knows to compensate for lighting tricks.
    You may be a visual person or in an artistically driven field, and you’re used to the types of illusions that lighting can play. Since your brain is familiar with it, you didn’t fall for this optical trick.

TEAM White and Gold

  • Your retina is interpreting the photo as underexposed.
    “You’re probably seeing the photo as underexposed, meaning there is too little light and the colors in the dress appear lighter to you after the retina has compensated,” Garg says.
  • You may be better at perceiving color.
    By being able to see variation in this image, you may be able to see beyond what’s obvious.

If You See Other Color Combos Other Than Blue/Black Or White/Gold…

You’re a serious mystery.

According to a Yahoo Tech survey, only 6 percent of us see something other than blue/black or white/gold.

If #TheDress Changed Colors For You…

Your brain is game to change.

This means that something made your perception of the image adjust. It could be that you viewed the image in a different light, or saw it next to a color that made you read the colors or ambient light differently. Good job.

Read more at: https://www.yahoo.com/health/what-thedress-color-you-see-says-about-you-112243093272.html


The EFFECTS of #TheDress

Nick York got a tattoo of the dress on his leg!

Pic by daily.co.uk

Read more at: http://www.buzzfeed.com/hannahjewell/a-man-has-tattooed-the-dress-on-his-leg-because-its-stupid#.ua09jJKNew

Well here are some funny memes of #TheDress

Llamas for youu. Pic by slate.com

Pic by knowyourmeme.com

Pic by buzzfeedcommunity on Twitter.


I hope you all have been updated and more informed about what had happened 3 days ago! 

Written by Amanda Soh :)


Other people from our office -

Junee: The dress freaking changes color on me. 

Rebecca: At first, I saw it was white and gold. Then when I looked again, it was black and blue. 

Amelia: It's blue and black. Because it's really blue and blaaaaack.