Top 5 things I am looking forward to for CNY!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Ang Pao Na Lai! :) "Happy Chinese New Year, a Red Packet pleaseeee!" 

Every year a family tradition is to go back on the eve of Chinese New Year to be with family and extended family where my parents were from and it is always an eventful one. Here are some of the things I look forward to every year when this festive.

  1. Angpaos!
    Red envelopes to bestow blessings of long life, prosperity and good health.
    - The elders or married couple will give the ang paos to children or those who are single.
    - The amount of money inside the red envelopes differs as the minimum is RM2. However, number 8 is the favourite as it sounds like luck in Chinese.
    - Best part is that you have 15 days to collect angpaos! ;) The amount is always even
    - No matter how big or small the amount is, being grateful for the extra money we did not work for!

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  2. The snacks!
    - Cookies, snacks, oranges, and drinks like no other! Chinese candy box which consists of edible snacks from sweet, sour to salty, all in one! Here are some of my favourites!
    Mandarin oranges are known to be translated to luck or fortune!

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    Kueh Kapek (love letters)

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    Pineapple tarts

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    Bakkwa (non-halal) which is dried sweetened barbequed pork and distributed and ate a lot during the Chinese New Year festivities. 

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    Grandma’s home-cooked meals for the family. It has been a tradition for many to celebrate Chinese New Year with their loved ones with a reunion as it has become a celebraion for the New Year in the Chinese calendar.

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    My family and I back every year the day before the first say of CNY to help my grandma clean as the tradition goes that one the first day there will be no sweeping of floors as it symbolizes sweeping away your luck.

    Tradition for my cousins, sisters and I to go to the Jonker Walk the night before for the countdown to Chinese New Year in Malacca. 

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  2. MORE food!
    During the reunion dinners! J
    - Yee Sang and you say ‘lo hei, lo hei’ (toss it high) and the higher to go with the chopsticks, the more luck and happiness to be brought upon oneself.
    - Its contains shredded carrots, radish, crispy red yam, and crispy green yam, jellyfish, pomelo sacs, papaya pickles, deep fried flour crisp, cucumber pickels, salmon, ground peanuts, sesame sees, five-spice powder and more with some plum sauce and olive oil to top it off.

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- Chinese sausages (non-halal)

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They are also known as lup cheong.

  1. The Lion dances
    It all started in the thousnads of years ago in China. With two different lions from the North and South. There are many stories to how the lion dance came about. Here is one of them:

    - The story of "Nian" who was a fierce monster and particularly liked to kidnap children. For years, "Nian" tormented the villages until one year a lion defeated and chased the monster away. However, the "Nian" said that he will be back but the villagers didn't have a lion to defeat him again but thought of costumes to protect themselves. 

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    So without fail, there will be a performance of the Lion or Dragon dance with different styles! Some with the eating of the lettuce, as though they are greens and plucking it out called "Cai Qing" as a challenge, spitting it out, and then keeping the red packet as a reward to the lion troupe. It is said they would bring good luck to the business. Plus I think they all look really cute even though they aren’t exactly real.

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So for those of you celebrating with your loved ones and going back to your home town, travel safe and to those who are not happy holidays! :)