Just another awesome day interning..

Well it wasn’t my only day out from just sitting at the office doing work on my laptop but I got to go out to help manage a booth by Youth United which is a youth organization!

What they stand for is to engage, inspire, and celebrate the young people of Malaysia giving them a platform to hang out! So if you are young, join us!

Give us a LIKE on Facebook to get updated at https://www.facebook.com/YouthUnitedMY or

Visit here to get updated! http://www.youthunited.my/

So I went out with 3 of my colleagues to Taylor’s College Subang Jaya to bring awareness about Youth United and what we do to give a platform to the students there!

It was clubs and societies day for the students in Taylor’s College and it was definitely packed with people!

Met many of my juniors and I had fun talking to them, telling them what I was there for especially those who are in the clubs’ committee. For one of the reason of being there was to reach out to the clubs on what we can do for them in the future, to build relationships.

Me doing what I like and do best with younger people! TALKING :) 

I definitely had fun there when it reminded me of being in my college and first two years of uni! For I am a part of a club as well which is the Society of Performing Arts (SPART) in Taylor’s Lakeside University. So when we needed help with sponsorship or even to be out there for people to know about us, we didn’t know much on who to go to.

So with Youth United, I hope many others will know about us and get a better platform to be out there for others to know and enjoy!


Written by Amanda