What is YouthUnited.MY about?

YouthUnited.MY is an online platform that aims to engage, inspire and celebrate Malaysian youths.

If you're a student, you can use our website to do the following:

1. Contribute your articles

  • We have interns who contribute articles to us, be it about their campuses, fun and interesting facts or other things they think they should publish.
  • You can always send us your article if you want us to publish it anyway!
  • Just make sure to state your name, course and college/uni. You can send it to hello@youthunited.my!

2. Publish your campus events online

  • ​Looking for publicity? Let us know of your campus events by e-mailing it to hello@youthunited.my
  • Your event will be featured under College/University Tabs. If your college/uni is not listed, do e-mail us!
  • As a bonus point, we will also post it to our Facebook, @YouthUnitedMY which has over 12,000 Followers!

3. Apply  for event sponsorship

  • ​​We have sponsored and participated in cool events in the past!
  • Last year we sponsored the World Cup Finals Viewing Party for Sunway students!
  • To apply, fill in your form details at http://youthunited.my/forms/event_sponsorship 

4. Look for part-time jobs

  • ​​
  • Don't complain if you got no $$$!
  • Tired of turning down makan-makan invitation cause got no money? Then you complain your friends no invite you but you yourself turn them down -_-
  • We got the answer for you! FIND A JOB! 
  • Look for part-time jobs by clicking the link at http://youthunited.my/jobs

5. Be our Youth Campus Ambassador!

    • Don't worry, we don't ask you to be like THIS kind of ambassador.
    • ​​Our Youth Campus Ambassador is our on-campus evangelists to help spread the benefits of YouthUnited.MY
    • In return, you'll receive an Ambassador tool kit as well as some cool stuff to help you spread the message!
    • You'll also get movie passes and the coolest and latest event invites!

6. Review awesome products!

  • ​​We have some pretty cool friends who are always looking for students to review their products!
  • Stay tuned to our website as we've got a range of beauty, technology, and even food products!
  • Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook @YouthUnitedMY for the latest info!
  • Probably not this kind of article.

7. Apply to be our Youth Blogger!

  • We know you have awesome blogging skills.
  • ​​If you're one of those rajin bloggers who have spare time to write about stuff, we're looking for you!
  • E-mail us your details (name, college/uni, course) along with your blog URL and blog PV/UV to hello@youthunited.my