Bet you didn't know these things about Taylor's University!

Hello there! I have been a Taylor's student for 3 years now and it has been memorable especially what goes on in campus that are just hilarious! So here's a few interesting things on Taylor's Lakeside University that you might or might know already and that I have learned over the years I have been in this particular special campus! 


  1. How to be famous on campus:

- Do something out of the ordinary and make it on Taylor’s Meme page (a 9gag inspired page but all on Taylors Uni)

Be a superhero

Power Rangers well not in full costume that is, still Meme worthy though

Well at least one of the rangers' is in costume

"I am Batman, here's some BAD(bat) juice!"


That's right, he get's em gurrrls


Doing something just weird:

When the classroom is too small, be creative!

Yup, poor weirdness right there!

(ALL Pictures courtesy of Taylor’s Meme, visit them if you want a good laugh -


2. When you jump into the lake everyone will know of you even after you graduate

On his birthday, he jumped into the lake for fun B) aka The Lakeside Jumper

Here's the full video of him jumpiung into the lake! :

(Pic created by Taylor's Meme admins)


3. Spooky lifts that stops at different floors at night (no picture cause something might show up... heeehee)

They would mostly stop at the 7th level without anyone punching in the level late at night!

4. Every student in Taylor’s will be complaining about parking and we have names for them like Narnia, Sahara Desert. 

Picture by Amanda Soh – Narnia carpark

5. Taylor’s had their very first RAVE for August 2014 intake freshmen’s. 

Been there done that in 2011 for me. (Pic by Taylors Meme)  Video of the rave courtesy of Khoo Yih Kai from Taylor’s University


6. The famous white wall where people (mostly girls take their OOTD at)

(Pic compiled by Amanda Soh, thanks to my many beautiful friends in their great outfits but I shall not exploit them! :B) 

If you have anymore interesting facts that you want to share with me and the whole world about Taylor's Lakeside University don't hesitate to email us at about them!

Signing out,
Amanda Soh


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