Meals at RM10 in Taylor's Lakeside University

Taylor’s Lakeside University Campus is located in Subang Jaya near the Puchong Tol on the LDP highway. The campus is made up of many types of people with different backgrounds and of course different types of preference to food. On an average, students there will spend around RM 10 and above for a decent meal to fill their tummies especially guys who eats way more than girls.

However there are a few famous meals at around RM10 and below to eat at Taylor’s Lakeside University with the given portion, it’s worth it. 

1. Nasi lemak at JC pancake at RM7

The nasi lemak sold here has the normal essentials of sambal, ikan bilis and kacang, cucumber and omelet.

There are different types of pancakes at different prices ranging RM3.90 to RM7.90. Both savoury and sweet pancakes are served. Some of the bestsellers are in the picture below.

Ultimate Chicken Ham Special Flavor

Chicken Satay Flavor for something more filling

Chocolate Banana Flavor

(Pictures courtesy of JC Pancakes Facebook page)

2. Chilli Pan Mee at Face to face noodle house at RM7.30

This chilli pan mee sold at Face to face is not Halal and during lunch breaks when semester starts, it will always be packed with people. Sometimes you would need to wait for a table to eat too. There is also free soup too with self-service.

Pic courtesy of Bibi’s Corner: House Specialty by Face to Face Noodle House

My good friend Lee Ting likes the Chilli Pan Mee from Face to Face

3. Value sets at Arisan only at RM8.90

Every day, Arisan will one value set but changes daily. There are two side dishes you can choose from which would be the fried sweet potato or mixed veggies. It also comes with different types of teas like Jasmine Green Tea, Black Tea, Ice Lemon Tea!  So to me it's worth on a cheat day to want fast food. 

Some of the types of fried mains are:

Fried squid called Squiddo Set

Spicy or original fried chicken - Nuggeto Set

(Pictures courtesy of Foursquare)

4. Every Day VALUE at Subway only at RM6.90

Pic courtesy of Subway Malaysia Facebook page

There are 4 types for the Subway Every Day Value which are:

            - Chicken Slice
            - Meatball Marinara
            - Veggie Delite
            - Seafood & Crab

ALSO, for only RM6.90 excluding tax and only add RM1 for a drink!

5. Star The Tarik Mamak Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng for only RM7
(Picture courtesy of Thivya S. on Foursquare)
My friend Liyen agreed with me on the nasi lemak!

6. Anchovies Fried Rice at Zhia’s Kitchen for RM8.90

Picture by toongBOON on

A senior of mine, Adam, who is cray for the Fried rice too!

A comment I found on Zhia's Kitchen in Taylor's Foursquare out of the other many good feedback

These few places I have suggested are all based on my opinion and a few feedback from my friends on where they like to eat and all below RM10 on Taylor's Lakeside University Campus! :)

When you do visit this campus, do try out any one of these shops!