5 Interesting things you got to know about me!

Hi there! My full name is Amanda Soh Sha Lyn. I am studying in Taylor's Lakeside University doing my Bachelors of Mass Communication, majoring in Broadcasting and minoring in Public Relations. I have been a Taylor's student for 3 years now and if you would want a tour do call me up! ;) So here's 5 things you need to know before you considering me giving you a tour! ;) 

  • I am half Chinese and Baba Nyonya heritage. Although I am half Chinese I can’t speak Mandarin and when people ask why and I give an excuse saying “I am a Baba Nyonya” and I do get away with it. My Bahasa Malaysia hoever... still better than my Mandarin heh! 
  • People ALL say (not exaggerating) that they hear me before they see me. I am super LOUD!
  • I am Mass Communication student from Taylor’s Lakeside University. Everyone who knows me says that I am busy all the time and I admit I can’t sit still just attending doing assignments, I had 2 part time jobs working for REDFM as a cruiser called the Red ford ryders and a gymnastics teacher at Sri KDU .


Pic from Carolyn’s School of Rhythmic Gymnastics from FB.

One of my lovely co-workers, Rowena and I driving them Ford rangers out while we give freebies!

Perks of being a Red Ford Ryders is that you get to go out to i-City's snowwalk with the radio announcers! Far right: Azura! One of my favourite since young when i first saw her on Disney Buzz with Jen on Disney Channel!

  • Also, I met Brenda Song aka London Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody during the Wendy Wu: Homecoming warrior princess came out.

That's me with long hair at the far left with Brenda Song! Taken at KLCC when I was 12 :)

  • I LOVE DOGS. I would choose dogs over cats any day! I already have three dogs, 2 shih tzus and 1 poodle. Their names are Mambo, full name Winnesken Lady Mambo(wanted to be fancy!), Brandee, Winnesken Lady Brandee; daughter of Mambo, and our newest addition Pebbles (the smarter one who does tricks!)

Winnesken Lady Brandee aka Mambo's daughter


Me and Mambo!


Pebbles! Smarter than my two other dogs, but most stubborn! Still cute and lovable though <3

Well that's all about me! Do let us know what WE should know about YOU! :)