5 Things about myself

Meet our awesome new intern, Carlotta!

1. My full name is Carlotta and I’m a Eurasian. My mom is Filipino and my dad’s Chinese. However, I guess my mixture isn’t really obvious enough as people would still assume that my nationality is Korean, Japanese and even Russian.

2. I have strong passion for photography and videography.  As a Mass Communication student, I would always be assigned to be the photographer or videographer whenever we have a group assignment. I guess my passion started when I was in High School, after joining the ‘Kelab Seni Foto’ which means Photography Club in English.

Below is a  a short trailer I made during my free time. 


3. I’m an animal lover. Much of this was because my parents were animal lovers too. My family and I have the habit of talking to every animal we see especially to our little dog at home!

4. The best accomplishment in my life so far, was being a part of the LED dance team this year. I have always admired LED Dance performances, but never once had I thought that I could be a part of it. During the LED Dance, we had to control our colours with the buttons on our fingers. Although it was a little challenging to remember the colours along with the dance steps, but we managed to pull it off after having extensive practice sessions. Here are some photos of us during and after our performance at Legacy Concert 2014 held in UCSI Multi Purpose Hall. 


Watch the Full video of the LED Dance Performance here!

5. The two things that I fear the most are cockroaches and blood! I fear cockroach because they’re just brown and creepy! And whenever I see blood, bloodshed or blood stains on movies or in real life, I would always have the feeling of fainting.

So, here are 5 things about myself. I'd like to get to know you better too! Share 5 interesting things about yourself to us and e-mail it to hello@youthunited.my!