Top 5 Most Attractive Lecturers in UCSI, South Wing

So we decided to rank the Top 5 Most Attractive Lecturers in UCSI University. Just as the saying goes, ‘True Beauty is From Within’, these lecturers were also ranked as having beautiful personalities besides having attractive appearances. After all, outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates! Surely, UCSI students are lucky to have such beautiful lecturers around their campus!

So who are the Top 5 Most attractive lecturers in UCSI?  Let’s take a look! 

  1.    Ms. Tan Yoke Teng


  Psychology Lecturer

 (Head of Psychology Department)    

   2.   Ms. Rajalakshmi


     Psychology 2 Lecturer
    (Psychology Department)

 3.   Ms. Yong Sue Yi


  Classical Music Lecturer

 (Faculty of Music Department ) 

    4.   Ms. Veronica


    Computing Essentials Lecturer
    (Centre for Pre-U Studies) 

    5.   Ms. Ghazila


   Film Studies Lecturer

  (Mass Communication Department) 


So who do you think are the most attractive lecturers in your Campus/University? Share it with us by emailing to