Top 5 Apps to help Students stay Organized!

We understand how hectic and busy a student’s life can be. So, here are 5 helpful apps that can help you students stay organized and stress free! 


No doubt, keeping track with your daily tasks, class activities and even assignments can sometimes be too overwhelming! But with the ‘Remember the Milk’ app, you can now stay on top of your to-do list.

‘Remember your Milk ‘does not require internet connection and works best when you sync the app with your e-mails and calendars! 


Having problems remembering scientific terms or formulas? With ‘Quizlet’, you are now able to make your own flashcards and study them anytime anywhere!

 This app also allows you to play study games that make learning super fun!


Having difficulties in memorizing your daily timetable? Worry no more! TimeSpread is a simple app that allows you to save your timetables and confirm all days schedule at a look.

TimeSpread is available for iOS and Android. 

4. MICROSOFT  ONENOTE            

Instead of carrying a traditional notebook around, why not upgrade it to a digital notebook? With OneNote, you can jot down lecture notes, meeting minutes and share it with the people around you! 

The best part about this app is, whether you’re at home, in class or at work, your notes travel with you! OneNote is free on iPhone, iPod Touch and many other devices. 


SimpleMind is an easy mind mapping tool that keeps your creative juice flowing! With SimpleMind, you can now have your ideas organized visually, quickly and easily!

SimpleMind is great for work or school and is available for both iOS and Android.


If you never try, you’ll never know! Why not try using some of these apps and see which benefits you the most!
If you know any other apps that can help students stay organized, feel free to share it with us by emailing us!