Students, do you wanna earn extra?

Universities and colleges students are always lack of money, are you one of them? With the increase of living expenses and entertainment, students are spending more than they think they are!

Basic necessities

The amount students spend on food is high as they enjoy eating and trying out new food. Seen a new restaurant or café that you want to try? Or craving for a cup of Starbucks? Students spend most of their money on food, three meals and snacks in between the day. Students love to bring in their breakfast in the morning and snacks between lectures, just in case the lecture is too boring, they can munch through it. Apart from that, textbooks definitely do not come cheap these days. Even though there are second-hand textbooks for sale, it is not exactly cheap.

Having a good time
Everybody likes to have a good time; party and clubbing tend to have a good relationship with universities and colleges students. Parties are part of a student life and one of the best ways to expand a person network. Students can party all day and  all night if they can, they just want to go wild, have a great time and be a party animal. In order to cover their expenses such as parking fees and cover charge, students look for part-time job to earn extra income.

Extra Hours= Extra Cash

What to do when short of cash? Credit card is definitely not a smart choice, a part time job can definitely save your day. Popular part-time jobs for universities and colleges students are promoters, sales and waiter or waitress. These part-time jobs can easily fit into their timetable or choose to work on weekends. These jobs are not only flexible, but students can get their payment fast too.

1. Social Media Don’t want to work for others? Another way of getting cash is selling products such as clothes, accessories, and electronic gadgets through internet especially on Facebook. Some of you are sure to have bought something from the internet or Facebook, low start up cost and you can totally control the time of work, a work suitable for young adults. Another part time job students' work is part-time model which is very high in payment and interesting, nice for those who have high self-esteem and a good figure.

While walking in a shopping mall or shopping for groceries in the supermarket, you will surely see some young ladies or men handing out samples of product. Promoters are high pay weekend job, some promoters part-time are very short term, probably just a weekend and the payment is RM100 per day. Promoters will need to promote in order to persuade customers to purchase their products and services. They are usually given samples by product company and hand it out to the public at various destinations such as supermarkets and shopping centers. Some of you probably love to get these samples, especially when it is food sample such as pizza and ice-cream. Students are able to meet with new people and brush up their communication skill and increase their self-esteem. It is a very good opportunity for students to train themselves and gain experience.

Sales Have you been offered to  apply credit card when you went shopping? People who try to persuade you to buy their products or services are sales people. Well, it is quite similar with promoters, but sales get to earn commission when you buy stuff from them, which is why they try so hard to persuade you (or annoy you?). Part-time sales require students to be out-going, aggressive and competitive in order to achieve sales target. Working as a part-time sales are suitable for students who are ambitious as they are able to gain work experience. 

Waiting Staff Waiting staff is one of the most common and popular job among colleges and universities students.  Unfortunately, waiting staff in Malaysia do not get tips unlike waiting staff in Europe country. Even though the pay is not high compared to promoters and sales, waiting staff is a very flexible job as students can choose to work based on the time shift. If you feel it’s dull to work as a normal waiting staff, there’s a lot of theme café and restaurant waiting for you. Fullhouse, Little Pantry and Johny Rockets are some of the theme restaurants that the waiting staff gets to wear a cute costume and work in a lively environment. Waiting staff is not exactly an easy job, it required students to be patience and attentive.

Ready to get a part-time to get extra cash? There’s many websites that help students find part-time jobs such as If you are worried about getting scammed, try asking friends that have working experience to introduce you some job. It is good to get a part-time job, but remember to choose a part-time job that is appropriate. Study hard, work hard and play hard!