What did you learn from joining your clubs/societies?

Besides academic learning, one of the most exciting things to do in college is to join clubs and societies! Sports club, hobby club, service club… Choices for clubs and societies? At certain level, I’m pretty sure that you can at least find one that is suitable for you. While the varieties of clubs and societies may create some kind of trouble for students to decide on which club or society to join, I will say it is merely depend on your interests, who you want to meet and spend time with or even to find a platform that will shape you to become the one you always desire to be. Have no idea? Choose something that you think it is fun, as it is supposed to be!

Honestly, I always glad that I joined clubs and societies in terms of the unforgettable memories and experiences I got from that. Some people didn’t really realise those experiences and skills that they have gained from clubs and societies, it might be not that “visible” at that time, time proves everything after all. Of course, the premise is you have to be committed to the choice you have made. Still, a lot of people benefited from their clubs and societies, in many ways.   

First of all, activities offered by clubs or youth organizations give opportunity for members to learn valuable skills. Apart from getting good grades in college, it is also a great place for us to develop our skills and getting prepared for our future, and the real world.   “Joining club and society allowed me brush up my social skill. Meeting up different people helps me to improve my communication skill and way of dealing with different people with different personalities, mindset and background.”  -Valerie Low, K-generation
Secondly, clubs and societies allow students to try out new roles. While we are doing something new, it is also a form of stepping out of our comfort zone. For example, the leadership and team player roles available in clubs let young people to enhance their skills when playing their roles.    

“I have developed my leadership skill in AIESEC as I lead a team of almost 30 people not only in our uni but also the exchange participants from others countries here to do community project. Also, widen my network as AIESEC involve many stakeholders like university, student, NGOs, corporates,...” –Winnie, AIESEC   

Thirdly, being involved in club and societies helps students to extend and elaborate on the more formal knowledge learned in school. Also, it helps on personal development in terms of productivity in work, conflict resolution and other community settings.   

“I’m an Event student. Being one of the preparatory committees in an event organized by my club, I learned how to organize an event that has 300+ attendees. From program department to marketing to sponsorship, it is definitely a challenging task for me. By joining my club, I learned the practical way of doing event like how to manage crisis, strategic planning and how to communicate with other committees in order to make this event a success.” – Jessica Lee  

Last but not least, club and societies is the right place for you to meet awesome people from different background with same interests. Those people that you meet can probably be your ‘BFF’ (Best Friend Forever), a source of social support, friendship and caring. Sometimes, they turn your life into the better ones.   

“I can say AIESEC has helped to shaped my character, attitude and help me to build my confidence.”-Winnie, AIESEC   

“I gained precious memories and bonded with like minded people. The best part of joining Orchestra Club is to make friends with passionate people who try to achieve the same goal as me and enjoy music together. Determination and discipline keeps us going.“-Valerie Loh   

“I have learned from AIESEC that if you believe you can do it, you can. If you never take a chance to experience things you will never grow as a person." Opportunities are always in your hand, just whether you want to take it and explore. “– Carmen Lee  

Clubs and societies might give you an impact or lesson that you have never expected and learned. At the end of the day, you will gain something, nothing to lose for! Now, you just have to get “I have no time for that” away from you! We can only experience college life once in our lifetime, why don’t we make it an awesome and enriching one?