Do you identify with any of these cliques/ groups?

Identities Cliques

Walk into campus canteen, how will you group the crowd? When you start naming or label a certain group that is an identities clique. It is normal to see people gathering in their own small group of friends, these groups are known as cliques. There are many types of identities cliques such as race, gender, age and social class.​

The Socialites
Are you one of the socialites? Socialites are those who enjoy partying and have fun. They are usually outgoing, cheerful and lively and the ones that love to talk anywhere and everywhere. Socialites are usually fashionable, you will spot socialites in most parties and event, they won’t miss it.

The Bookworms
Another common clique seen in universities and colleges is the bookworm. Bookworms are students that enjoy their studies and pay full attention during lectures. A bookworm student always sits in the front row during lecture and busy writing notes.

The Athletics
Athletics are another commonly seen clique in universities and colleges; they enjoy and spend most of their time playing sports. Majority of athletics are male students and they usually hang around the gym, basketball court or other sports facilities area.

The Couples
The couples are also one type of identities cliques that is common in universities and colleges. While walking around campus or during lecture, you will be able to see couples that stick around each other. In colleges or universities, being part of a clique can be advantageous since they provide a sense of autonomy, a secure social environment, and overall well being. Students that do not belong to a clique are often referred as social outcasts.